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Bill O’Reilly’s Pornographic Novel?

18 Mar

Bill O’Reilly wrote a pornographic novel called “Those Who Trespass.” Yes, This Bill O’Reilly:

To make things EVEN BETTER he hired HIMSELF to do the audio book. Yea, that guy reading a pornographic novel. AWESOME! Probably the least sexy thing you will ever see, but the Village Voice link below will have the audio clips that are of a sexual nature! BE WARNED!

Check out the audio clips HERE. Don’t get too turned on ladies!

Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld!

18 Sep

I’m sure by now most of you have seen at least one of the new Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld commercials and at first I was very concerned by them. The first one with Bill and Jerry at “Shoe Circus” seemed extremely random and I wasn’t sure what they were trying to sell. Churros? Shoes? Cake?

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17 Jun

I’M PISSED! A month and a half ago the president of the homeowners association and his wife stopped by the house to ask if they could use my water to water a couple new plants they planted behind my house. I told them no big deal and they said that they would use it for a couple days and if I saw a bump in my utility bill to just send them the bill… Continue reading