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Awesome Year of Concerts

19 Jun

2010 will be a banner year in my concert going life. I normally go to one, maybe two concerts a year.

This year already I’ve seen Pat Benatar, Ben Folds and Train!

That is just the beginning as we already have tickets to see “Weird Al” Yankovic in July at the Hard Rock Live and John Mayer with Owl City in September at the Ford Amphitheater in Tampa.

Oh yea, I have struck through the name because that was the name of the Amphitheater when I bought the tickets. Since then there has been a new corporate deal. I will now be seeing John Mayer at the 1-800-Ask-Gary Amphitheater. I wish I was joking.

I can’t even say the name of that company without thinking of the word “Aks” because that commercial with “Roz” that plays all the damn time and she can’t even say the damn company name right.

I expect John Mayer and every other artist who ever plays there to make fun of the name and the residents of the city where the amphitheater sits.

Well, when I think about it that way I guess it makes sense. These are the same people who have sports teams that apparently don’t come from the city, but from the body of water nearby. The city is Tampa people. This isn’t Green Bay we are talking about. It is Tampa. It is like if we renamed the Magic the “Lake Eola Magic.” It makes that much sense! (Which is to say it makes no damn sense at all)

The ONLY sports team in Tampa that I support is also the only one that I can SORT OF stretch the “Bay” part of their name. If this whole global climate change continues and we get some cold winters the Lightning could maybe play some games on the Bay!

But I digress. I’m having an amazing year of concerts. Probably the best ever!

Ben Folds and a Piano

18 Mar

On Tuesday night JC and I went to the House of Blues at Downtown Disney to see Ben Folds and a Piano. This was my first time seeing Ben Folds live and I will say up front…it was awesome! We found out about the concert only last week and I drove over to the HOB box office and saved about $10 a ticket in crappy Ticketmaster/Live Nation fees. How can you charge me to use my own paper and ink to print the ticket? But I digress…

Our tickets!

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