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Ghost Town DVD Review

28 Mar


The other night I went over to my parents house where mom and I watched Ghost Town on DVD. I remember seeing the previews for Ghost Town and wanting to see it, but 2008 was a busy movie year so I never did. Mom added it to her Netflix queue and the next thing we knew, we had it!

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Toyota Prius vs BMW M3

2 Jul

No, not a race, but for fuel efficiency! This season Top Gear (BBC show) tested a Toyota Prius Hybrid vs a BMW M3pure petrol car. They ran ten laps around the track to see who would get the best gas mileage? Should be an easy win for the hybrid right? The Prius gets an estimated 46 mpg on the highway while the M3 gets an estimated 23 mpg.

Well, the clip is below and you will see that it isn’t just that both cars ran the track. The Toyota Prius went at top speed and the BMW was asked to merely follow it.

So the BMW won, but the Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson made a VERY stinging point. It isn’t necessarily WHAT you drive it is HOW you drive! I also like the point on how much damage is done to the environment to make those batteries that help us “save the environment.” I love this show, I wish it aired in HD and not months delayed in America!

I just wish I could show this clip to all the drivers flying by me on the turnpike at 5:30 in the morning. I’ve never felt so slow going 75 before!