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Don’t they make shirts for that?

18 Jul

That is what I was thinking while sitting in Sea World’s Whale and Dolphin Stadium waiting for the show. I guess its my fault, I picked the seats. I sat us down next to a very nice family with three small children. One of which I would learn was still nursing…

So I googles and found that they do make shirts for that. Not only that, but they make a gazillion different styles of openings. OK not a gazillion, but nine. NINE!?!? And she just had a regular shirt…

Now, the family was British, or at least I assume so from their British accents. So maybe they don’t ship to the UK…I don’t know.

I don’t mind boobs, I don’t mind the need for women to nurse, but I think that with anything there is a time and place. A very crowded theater isn’t the best choice. Also, changing your seats with your young daughter because the large hairy American man is scaring her and sitting shoulder to shoulder with that man while you small child kicks him, causing said American man to turn and look may not be proper.

I’m scarred for life! OK, I’m not, but its something that popped into my head to write about. Other than that and the constant gray skies and rain (looked more like Seattle than Orlando) it was a good day. We did some water parking then hung out at Sea World. Gotta love the free beer!!!

Aquatica Day!

17 Jul

Alright, depending on how the Florida weather goes, most of today I will be spending at Aquatica. If you don’t know, Aquatica is Sea World’s water park, and it rocks! My most popular post EVER (with over 225 views) is still my post “Aquatica: A Burning Cabana.” I know that it is sad that Anheuser-Busch is being bought out, but I’m still going to enjoy my annual pass while I have it, and I’m pretty sure that InBev hasn’t made any changes yet!

I don’t believe that we are getting a cabana this time, but my mom and some girls from her office will be going with me. Well, really, I’m going with them. I can’t get you in for free or anything, but if you aren’t doing anything and want to enjoy a wonderful water park stop by. Say hi!

Looping Water Slide!

18 Jun

As you may have guessed from my Aquatica review (my most popular post) I live in Florida and enjoy Water Parks. I also enjoy thrill rides. Aquatica lacks a true thrill of a water ride, but I have ridden Wet ‘n Wild’sDer Stuka” and “The Bomb Bay” which are quite a thrill. From reading through Screamscape I found this YouTube video of a looping water slide. The video states it is in Germany (and the video is in German) but my information says this slide is actually in Slovenia. Either way, this is one hell of a slide.

WARNING: This video is of a water park in Slovenia, so there will be bathing suits, including European men wearing their standard bathing suit (Speedo). No nudity, but don’t be suprised…

I wish I could find something in English on this. Something to notice in this slide is that at the bottom “entry” to the loop there is a set of stairs, a lifeguard and an emergency hatch. This is in case you don’t make it over the loop and (in coaster speak) “valley” you can get out.

Aquatica: A Burning Cabana

28 May

Yesterday I went to Aquatica(Sea World’s Water park) with the family and some friends. I’ve been to Aquatica 3 or 4 times now and LOVE the park, but this time my mom decided to rent two Cabanas. This was the first time we went the “Big Kahuna” route. These cabanas are in a private area of the park overlooking the wave pools. You get some free soda, water, a free locker and a discount on food/merchandise around the park. The biggest plus for the cabana’s is the crowd, or lack thereof. The beaches around the wave pools get PACKED! I really REALLY loved the cabana and if you are going and have the extra cash to spend, I recommend it highly!!

Our party consisted of my mom, dad, sister, her hubby, Christine (who works with my mom), Christine’s 8 year old daughter Georgia and me. For most of the day I ended up being Georgia’s ride partner. Since everyone else was either old or found the 80+ degree water too cold I was left chasing the lil one around. Don’t get me wrong, it let me ride the slides a lot more and I had a lot of fun. It really wasn’t until we were leaving that I really began to feel the effects.

First, I apparently failed in my attempt to reapply sunblock in the middle of the day:

Sun Burn!

Second, my muscles are sore. I think I underestimated the toll on my body that would be swimming laps around the “lazy” river or spending 20+ minutes in the wave pool at a time! At the time I felt fine, I even enjoyed it. This morning, not so much. That 8 year old girl kicked my ass!

My only consolation is that today is my sisters birthday and we are going to Kobe Steakhouse tonight!