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Budweiser American Ale

3 Oct
Nice label

Nice label

Isn’t it ironic that an iconic American company recently agrees to be purchased by a foreign conglomerate and their first major release is something with the word “American” in it? I completely understand that this beer has been in the works for YEARS and that even the name would have been decided before the buy out was a twinkle in InBev’s eye. I’m not going to get into the politics surrounding the Anhueser-Busch buy out. I’m going to concentrate on what is important, the beer!

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A sad, sad day!

14 Jul

I guess I knew it was coming, but this evening it was leaked that Anheuser-Busch has agreed to InBev’s buyout offer. Reports say that the takeover is estimated at about $50 billion and will create the largest brewery in the world. InBev will allow the Anheuser-Busch corporate offices to remain in St. Louis, but Anheuser always bragged about being the last American owned major brewer. Miller is owned by South African Breweries as SABMiller. Coors is owned by the Molson Coors Brewing Company and they are Canadian.

While I understand that in America we have a free market system, and rich people like Warren Buffett will make millions off of this deal (The Busch family will make very little because they sold off their shares years ago and only own about 4%) but what about the whole “made in the USA” crap. Our car companies are going bankrupt because everyone buys Toyotas and now all of our beer is owned by outsiders. What is America going to do when 80% of the companies owning most of the property around the country are owned by people overseas? Most countries don’t allow this sort of thing, but we do.

Also, on a personal note I’m very VERY worried about the theme parks. Busch Gardens and Sea World are places that I love to go to and have annual passes to and it is doubtful that Busch’s new Belgian owners will want to keep these “non-core assets.” Busch also spends billions of dollars every year on the environment and being “green” is a very American thing (although we just do it as lip service), just look at were our Olympians will be choking for air next month. InBev will see this spending as waste and eliminate it immediatly.

Farewell America! We barely knew thee!

You can read the news in this Yahoo! article.

Happy Independence Day!!!!

4 Jul

Today is July 4th 2008. Today is the day we celebrate our independence and freedom here in the good ol’ USA. I’m not the most patriotic guy you’ll meet, but I recognize the significance of today and decided that I should devote my post to it today. I pray every night for the troops protecting us overseas even though I don’t agree with our “war on terror.”

I know that different people celebrate things in different ways. My families tradition is to go to an action movie on July 4th and if possible, a Will Smith July 4th movie. Why do so many of his movies come out on July 4th? The tradition started with “Independence Day“. We’ve also seen “Men In Black,” “Wild Wild West” and “Men in Black II.” This year we will be going to “Hancock.” No matter how you celebrate I think you might enjoy this little video about a guy who collects American flag nick nacks.