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Would you like a little rock in your whiskey?

24 Jan

Another of my late (but awesome) Christmas presents from my parents was a set of Whiskey Stones. What are Whiskey Stones? They are rocks that you put in your whiskey of course!

Rocks in my Whiskey

So the idea is simple, ice is made out of water and water is watery and watery things will water down your precious Whiskey! So instead you take polished stones and put them in your freezer. They will then keep your Whiskey chilled while you sip it, but will not water down your precious alcohol.

My Jack Daniels is chillin!

Yesterday I took the opportunity to try out the stones and sure enough I was sipping my Jack Daniels in style. Plus I get to say I have rocks in my Whiskey!

Great Orlando Beer Festival 2010

20 Apr

This past Saturday JC and I relived one of our early “dates” and had an amazing time. In 2009 shortly after we started dating we attended The Great Orlando Beer Festival at Cranes Roost Park at Uptown Altamonte. 2010’s edition was a month earlier, but was just as good. How it works is that you pay for entry and they give you a wristband and a small plastic cup.

You then walk to any of the many many small tents and have the smiling people from breweries and distributors fill up your cup. Then repeat. And boy did we repeat!

I don’t remember the whole day, I know it was fun and I know I had a LOT of great beer along with some not so great beer and it was a great time. Early in the day I decided to collect beer coasters and every booth that had them I grabbed one (or two if they were different) and put them in my cargo short pockets

When I got home later that day I was in for a big surprise! I ended up with TWELVE coasters. I really thought I had about five, but look at these beauties:

I also remember that there was a booth serving deep fried bacon tossed in hot sauce! Mmmmmmmmmm Beer & Bacon for the win!

So two years in a row we had a great time, which brings up a not so great drinking festival we went to at Cranes Roost, Wine Stock.

Wine Stock was set up the same way as Beer Fest with one major difference…Wine Styles (at Uptown Altamonte) was selling cases of all the wines that were available for testing. This meant less wines and a lot less product. Well before they ended they were running out of wine and the long lines meant that you spent so much time in line it was hard to get going. A sip of wine before standing in line for 10 minutes for another sip of wine just doesn’t cut it.

The Great Orlando Beer Festival did it right and we loved it! We’ll be checking it out again next year and I hope you do to!

Sake by SakeOne

26 Mar

As I’ve told you before I enjoy Woot.com and its sister sites. I’ve purchased many a shirt from Shirt.Woot and gadgets from Woot! What I have never written about is the fact that I have also purchased my fix of wine from Wine.Woot!

The booty!

The booty!

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Let’s Celebrate!!!

5 Dec

75 years ago today on December 5th 1933 the Twenty-first Amendment of the United States Constitution was ratified! After 13 years of horror, the American government came to their senses!

For those of you who do not know, the Twenty-first Amendment repealed the Eighteenth Amendment. The Eighteenth Amendment is commonly known as prohibition!

I think Homer J.(Jay) Simpson put it best in this song:

I encourage all of my readers (over 21 of course!) to go out and raise a drink to the Twenty-first Amendment! CHEERS!

Harvest Moon by Blue Moon

2 Sep
The bottle

The bottle

Harvest Moon, a Pumpkin Ale, is part of Blue Moon’s seasonal collection and I saw it sitting on the shelf at my local Publix Sabor. I’m assuming this is their Fall seasonal and its not quite fall here in Florida, especially since we’re sitting under a tropical storm, but it is still an excellent choice to have with dinner.

If you’ve never had the father of this seasonal beer, Blue Moon, I would highly recommend that you try it if you see it at your local alcohol purveyor. Blue Moon makes Belgian style wheat beers so if you are used to watery beers like Bud and Miller you need to prepare yourself for a heavier fuller beer.

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Flavored Vodka…

30 Jun

So, the new thing in alcohol is to flavor it with something, OK it isn’t really that new, but the flavors I have found are. My thought was always that they flavored rum with fruity things to get the female audience to drink more. The best “girlie drinks” are the ones that don’t taste of any alcohol at all!

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