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The Unusual(s) Recap on The Disney Blog

22 Apr

Apparently last week’s recap went well enough for me to continue! This week ABC is airing TWO new episodes of The Unusuals, so I will have two posts about them! If you missed last night’s episode because it wasn’t supposed to be on, check out today’s recap here.

The Unusuals will also be on tonight in its normal time slot (10 eastern) so check The Disney Blog tomorrow morning for Episode 4’s recap!


16 Apr

First, congratulations to my good friends Jessica and Joseph Luby. Jess and Joe welcomed beautiful twin boys, Atticus Joseph and Westley Allen were born at 3:13pm and 3:11pm respectively, Tuesday afternoon! Both boys weighing in at over 7 1/2 pounds and 2o inches long!

Crappy cell phone pic

Crappy cell phone pic

Even crazier than the size of those boys is the fact that I was honored with the opportunity to be Atticus Joseph’s Godfather! Atticus is the one on the right (I am pretty sure).

I know what you are thinking, but yes, she does know me well. She even reads my blog! Text of the day comes from Jess in the hospital “Woo Hoo! I farted!” I’m sure she can blame the drugs for that one!

Check past the break for another pic and my other BIG NEWS!

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Better Off Ted on ABC

15 Apr

I have just this past weekend caught up on my DVR’d episodes of ABC’s new comedy, Better Off Ted and have decided that I must share this with the world! I LOVE this show. The writing is creative, the characters are interesting and the humor has caused me to LITERALLY LOL every episode.

The show is a comedy, obviously, that follows Ted who is the head of R&D at Veridian Dynamics. Veridian Dynamics is portrayed as the standard gigantic American corporation with no real feelings about its employees. They even have a “day care” program where they are “training the workers of tomorrow,” literally, they are! They have kids as janitors walking around the office and kids as scientists mixing stuff in test tubes!

Ted’s boss, Veronica, is hilarious. She manages to not care about anything or anyone and show very little emotion. In the second episode she used Ted’s daughter, Rose, to fire someone because she realized that Rose’s 7-year old presence kept people’s emotions in check in those type situations.

Rose is probably my favorite character in the show. She has some of the smartest lines written for her, but she doesn’t sound like she is older than 7, the lines are just creative enough to accurately portray the smart, innocent point of view of a 7-year old. Kids don’t have all the filters that we have learned over the years and manage to cut straight through the BS, and the show does that very well!

Better Off Ted is on ABC at 8:30pm Eastern (just after Scrubs) Wednesdays (that is tonight!) and I think you should check it out! If you want to catch up on the first few episodes visit ABC’s site here and click “Watch Free Episodes.” WARNING: Clicking the link I posted brings you to a site with an auto-play clip. A VERY funny clip from last week’s discrimination episode, but I will warn you that you might want to click pause quickly if you are at work or something.