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Did You Vote?

2 Nov

Today is the day!!! The political ads are done, it is ELECTION DAY!!

I’m glad I can put the piles of advertisements behind me and I hope that the US can move forward with whoever is elected.

I voted this morning and am lucky because my precinct is so far off the beaten path that only one person was there with a sign and his signs always make me laugh. Eric Eisnaugle. I wonder if he is related to this bear?

This was my first time voting for the person who signs my paychecks, which is kind of weird, and I’m sure a little unusual. Hopefully they don’t know who I voted for so I can’t get a pink slip from the other one!

Bottom line, if you are 18+ and an American citizen you should make your voice heard. Whether you like Tea Bags or coffee. Elephants or Donkeys. It matters not, just vote!

Work Work Work

28 Apr

So I had kept from writing much about work in my blog recently because there was a small incident. Today I’m breaking that because I just wanted to empty my mind about a few things that are happening today.

A bunch of things are happening today that are probably nothing, but of course my little brain is going to freak out a little bit.

Today we have a division meeting, no big deal, we have those a couple of times a year and it normally means we are going to play a bad version of an old TV game show for little trinkets.

Last week all of a sudden my supervisor announces that before our division meeting we are going to have a section meeting. This in itself isn’t a big deal. We are probably supposed to have more of these than we have but they happen once every couple of years.

However, the rumors (which have been all but confirmed) is that we are “merging” with another section. Or as the building would say, we are “cross training” with another section. Now, we are a VERY small section and if we are doing our jobs right, no one even notices us. Which isn’t always a good thing. We are taken for granted and rarely get any recognition for what we do.

My stress level related to the meeting and “merging” was raised even more when we were told that members of HR would be attending our meeting. Why are they going to be there? Should I bring some boxes to pack my desk or do they do that for us?

Oh yea, and I must have my “annual” employee review this morning too! I’m not exactly sure what is so annual about this review since I have been full-time over three years now and have had only one “annual” review.

Normally the review has to do with whether or not we are going to get our yearly raise, but since we’ve already been told that wages are frozen, I’m certain that isn’t the reason for it.

Hopefully this whole post was for nothing and all my internal freaking out was for nothing. I sure hope so. I would hate to be anymore of a burden on my loved ones than I already am! They are the only reason I’m as sane as I am.

My parents have always been there for me, and I’m so thankful for that and for the past year (nearly) JC has been a rock for me. I know that with her that no matter what everything will be ok. I love her soooo much!!!

Barenaked Ladies at Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras!

10 Mar

On Saturday Rob, Mom and I went to Universal Studios Mardi Gras with Barenaked Ladies!! Unfortunately due to the crowd of very rude people mom left right before the concert, but we had a fun day before that with lunch at Margaritaville and a ride on MIB and one on The Simpson’s Ride.

After the rides we decided to go take a seat at the theater so we could have a good seat. While we walked over we went through the Mardi Gras party area and I recognized one of the stilt walkers! It was the OCCC’s own Event Manager Intern Celine!

She gave me a hug...awww

She gave me a hug...awww

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Holiday Parties…

17 Dec

…what is the point?

Warning: Past the break is a rant…

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Customer Service Part 2

15 Aug

You may remember my post “Insurance Woes” where I had a pretty horrid experience on the phone with customer service with my auto insurance provider. The last two days I’ve spent time on the phone with my cellular phone provider (AT&T, formerly Cingular, formerly BellSouth). Yes, I first purchased my own cell phone and started my own account when it was still BellSouth (so I’ve been a customer for a while). Prior to that I had a phone on my parents account with PrimeCo, which has became the hulking giant called “Verizon Wireless.” (“Can you hear me now” “No, I can’t! If your service was any good and I could hear you no matter where you stood YOU wouldn’t have a job!”) I actually have a stuffed PrimeCo alien doll at home!

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Great Orlando Wheel

21 Jun

So this isn’t new but it was new to me. The Great Wheel Corparation has purchased a large chunk of land near the Orange County Convention Center to build a 400+ foot tall Ferris wheel type thing! Fully enclosed and air conditioned means it will be very similar to the London Eye. In fact, according to this article about the purchase The Great Wheel Corp was founded by members of the team that built the London Eye. Continue reading

McDonald’s employee riding a segway!

4 Jun

Found this video on YouTube. It is taken at the Orange County Convention Center (where I work) during, what looks to be move-in, of the HUGE McDonalds show this year. These 4 women work for McDonalds/the show management team (I can tell by the type of Segways they are using).

I have no words to describe the elation I get from watching this video over and over again!