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Debbie Does Florida

27 Jun

and I was in a car accident! I can’t really blame Debbie, sure the road was slick due to the rain but a dry road would not have prevented the crash. It would not have prevented this:


Poor Cobalt

That is the result of a Honda Civic turning in front of me. I was just minding my own business driving home when a Honda Civic coming in the opposite direction decided to turn in front of me.


That’s my baby being towed to its temporary home at the repair shop. I kept myself from blogging about it because there was a lot of questions after the accident, like why would the other driver say “I’m not sure if I have insurance” and then give the FHP officer the wrong insurance.
Luckily today I received the confirmation that the other driver did in fact have insurance and then after clearing up some iffy facts that his insurer was confirmed that he was 100% at fault and they would be taking care of my car.

I even got a rental since their adjuster may not make it to my car for a week. Enterprise was nice enough to pick me up and rent me a nice Dodge Avenger (AVENGERS UNITE!) Which brings me to this:


Those are my rentals GIANT keys tied together. I wear baggy pants, and carrying lots of stuff in them is kinda what I do. But these are ridiculous. PLUS I still have my normal key ring to fit in there…

OK, I know that is a total first world problem, but I needed to rant after a rough few days.

Gender Roles in Toys

13 Feb

I’m not going to claim that I know anything about kids or parenting, but I have always thought that kid’s toys send the wrong message at times.

A couple weeks ago JC and I were out having some adult beverages after an amazing concert of hers. Before heading home we decided to grab a quick bite, and nothing is better quick drunk food than a McDonalds Happy Meal!

It just so happened that they were doing a boy toy and a girl toy. So we got one of each.


I remember the hot wheels vs Barbies from when I was a kid!


Both toys came with stickers! But wait a minute. What’s wrong with Barbie?


She is a doctor, but she seems to be wearing something I would expect from Spencers on Halloween. Look at that skirt! What real doc wears that? Mine sure doesn’t! Well actually that is a good thing because my doctor is a dude.

Also, did you look at the stickers? The boy set is flames and skulls, but for Doctor Barbie? A stethoscope and one of those ear light things as you would expect. But wait, there is more! A pacifier, baby bottle and a brand new baby!

So she is dressed like a stripper doctor and has a baby? Or she is in “her place” taking care of babies? I just don’t get it I guess. Hey little girl, you can be a doctor and take care of babies, but that’s it!

Maybe it is good that I don’t have kids. I’d be buying them all the wrong toys…

Did You Vote?

2 Nov

Today is the day!!! The political ads are done, it is ELECTION DAY!!

I’m glad I can put the piles of advertisements behind me and I hope that the US can move forward with whoever is elected.

I voted this morning and am lucky because my precinct is so far off the beaten path that only one person was there with a sign and his signs always make me laugh. Eric Eisnaugle. I wonder if he is related to this bear?

This was my first time voting for the person who signs my paychecks, which is kind of weird, and I’m sure a little unusual. Hopefully they don’t know who I voted for so I can’t get a pink slip from the other one!

Bottom line, if you are 18+ and an American citizen you should make your voice heard. Whether you like Tea Bags or coffee. Elephants or Donkeys. It matters not, just vote!

Vote or Die!

29 Oct

Vote or Die by being buried to death with mailings!!


Sorry bout the really crappy cell phone pic…but that was my mail from yesterday. One day…NOTHING but political mailings!

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Goat Trauma Awareness Month

5 Jun

Yes everyone, June is Goat Trauma Awareness Month. I may be stealing my friend, the keeper of monkeys, thunder by talking about awareness but this one was too big to ignore.


You can learn more about the horror that is childhood goat trauma on The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation’s website. Including the very chilling goat trauma in action section.

It is almost too much for me, goats are scary. Especially the theatrical kind! Just kidding Greater Orlando Actor’s Theatre!

Mysterious Leg Problem

22 May

I teased yesterday that I had a mysterious leg problem and I am going to write about it. If you happen to know what could cause this let me know.

I will warn that beyond the break are pictures and I know some people have been disgusted by the looks of it. It isn’t pretty.

First though I will walk through the events of the past weekend (in case this helps someone figure it out).

I was off on Friday and spent some of the day cleaning and doing laundry before meeting up with JC, Liesl, Jon, my parents and JC’s parents at Raglan Road for some REALLY yummy dinner. After dinner we went and saw “How to Train a Dragon” in 3D!

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Shrek Twinkies

12 May

I was at Wal-Mart the other day when I saw some Shrek branded Twinkies. I couldn’t believe my eyes. GREEN Twinkies.


Now I haven’t had a Twinkie in many many years, but I couldn’t pass up the $2 price tag. So I decided to bring this freak of not nature to you, my readers!

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Glasses or Contacts?

6 May


I’ve been thinking (and have heard) that I might possibly look better without my glasses. Of course I have worn glasses for years now and have never worn contacts. I’m not sure I could touch my eyeballs, but should I give it a try?

What do yall think? Any observations on contacts?

Now I Feel REALLY Old!

4 May

The AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) must be REALLY desperate for membership.

Ok, now my mom is ALREADY counting down the months to my thirtieth birthday but COME ON!

For those of you who don’t know my thirtieth birthday will be in June of 2011.

I will not be old enough for AARP for another TWENTY-ONE years (and one month)! I still think that will be early since I doubt I will be the “R” in AARP by then. I mean, it will be nice but not really realistic.

So, is someone playing a joke on me? Signing me up online for this to remind me of how quickly my hair is turning gray/falling out?

Should I send them $16 for a membership and consider myself retired? They do get some nice discounts and I don’t mind an early bird special every now and then!

Better Marriage Blanket

2 May

A friend of mine on Facebook (Jon) posted this video and I just had to blog about it. JC may require it for me in the future. I wonder if it works well. Anyone have it?

If you are interested in it check out their website! It comes in Twin, Queen or King and in white, beige or blue!