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Leaving on a jet plane

22 Dec

I’m sitting at the airport fighting off a cold with the beautiful JC and her family. We’ll be heading to Houston soon enough for a fun Christmas

Unfortunately, this means I will not be celebrating with my own family. Sad days. I do have gifts for all of them and we’ll do Christmas in the new year.

But this year will be a Texas style Christmas. I imagine lots of hats and belt buckles. Maybe some shot guns and steak ;).

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays!!!!!


Miami Bound!

21 May

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’ve been dealing with a couple things that have kept me off my game.

#1 I had a busy week at work and was working at 5:30am!!! I’m not a fan of waking up at 4:25am btw.

#2 My leg mysteriously developed a nasty red area that blistered up. It looks like I dropped an iron on my leg. Probably a post about this tomorrow (if I can get it written here while packing).

This afternoon after JC gets off of work we are heading to Miami. We are going to spend the weekend hanging out with JC’s good friend from college. I believe that as of now on Saturday we plan on heading to Key West. Somewhere I’ve never been. Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing and recharging weekend.

One final thought for today. I’m going to ask for everyone to send some prayers out for JC. This morning she had an interview for a teaching job in the fall. She should hear next week whether she got it or not. I’m hoping that some good thoughts going through the air can help her out. She is a great girl and deserves a great job.

Niagara Falls

11 Dec

JC’s mom surprised us with a free companion ticket to anywhere in the United States. After some discussion and googling we decided to go to Niagara Falls. Neither of us had been there before and JC had never left the United States.

In Canada!

Now, before I get into a brief photo rundown of our short vacation I would like to point out a couple things:

  1. We did not go to Niagara to get married
  2. We decided to go BEFORE The Office wedding happened!

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The Roller Coaster Trip Was Amazing!!!

9 Dec

The Roller Coaster Trio!

The trip was months ago, but it was amazing! Cedar Point won best park of the trip, but Six Flags Over Georgia and Kings Island were both great too! All the parks confirmed the need for a Hypercoaster to be built in Orlando. After being disappointed by Space Mountain’s lame refurbishment at WDW I tweeted (yea, I do that now) that they missed a great opportunity to build the first indoor Hyper!

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So I’m back and not dead!

6 Aug

It is true! I made it back from my AMAZING roller coaster vacation!!!

Unfortunately I’ve been really busy with laundry (still have a ton to do) and working to catch up on my time off so I have had a hard time getting through all of the pictures that we took and get some blog posts written.

I did want to put a post up to say that I had a blast and I hope you will stick around to when I can actually get the time to write about the trip and show off some of the cool photos!!

My Vacation: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

1 Aug

Today we will be waking up early in Williamsburg, VA for our day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Europe Williamsburg (They keep changing what they call it back and forth, very annoying). This will be my first visit to this Busch Gardens park!

My mom and I are Platinum Passholders for the Busch parks so we get to park and visit this park for free! WOO HOO! I’ve seen and heard about how amazing this park is themed and how great some of the coasters are, so I’m excited about this park. This will be our fourth and final theme park on this vacation!

To make today even better, I found that Busch offers a Behind The Scenes: Roller Coaster Experience tour!! We have our tickets to it, and it is going to kick ass!

The tour includes a ride up an elevator to the top of Griffon’s lift hill (205 feet in the air) for some photo opportunities! ERT (Extra Ride Time) on three coasters is also included.

Tomorrow we will heading back to Central Florida to end the trip! Sad times, but I look forward to sharing photos and reports from all of our stops!

My Vacation: Cedar Point!!!

29 Jul

Yup, last year we went to Cedar Point and this year we are making a return trip to “America’s Roller Coast.” Sandusky awaits us again and this time we are setting aside even more time at this roller coaster mecca!

Our plan will be to have arrived yesterday afternoon and after settling in to our cabin on the point (yes really!) we hopefully will spend a few hours after 5pm to get the blood flowing.

We are staying at Cedar Point’s own Lighthouse Point. These cottages are right on the “beach” of Lake Eerie and in the shadow of the coasters!

We will be able to easily walk over to the park for our stay! These cabins have grills and fridges and seat up to six!

This should be comfortable accommodations for the three days we will be here! We plan on stocking up on some food stuffs to save some money (and our waistlines) during this stop on our trip.

I really look forward to this stop. The coasters again and the cottage looks amazing! Look forward to my trip report on this!

Older “Weird Al” Song Lego Video

28 Jul

So…yea. I’m still on vacation. Today we will be driving from Cincinnati up to Sandusky to go to Cedar Point. It should be a lazy day and we’ll probably use our  Starlight passes (that we got for staying on property) to visit the park tonight after 5pm. Tomorrow I’ll have a post with more information on what we will be doing the next few days.

We will be spending tonight plus all day tomorrow and Thursday at Cedar Point! For now check out this Lego video I found of  “Weird Al’s” parody of an Avril song!

See why I chose that song? Yea, I’m hilarious!

The Vacation: Kings Island

27 Jul

Today we will be visiting park two of our trip!

You may remember that we planned on going to Kings Island on the way home from Cedar Point last year, but when plans changed, Kings Island was dropped.

That actually worked out since it made it a must see this year, and this year they opened a new coaster that looks amazing! DIAMONDBACK!

Diamondback is so amazing, it has its own website!

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The Vacation: Six Flags Over Georgia

25 Jul

If you read yesterday, you know that today is the first day of my trip and we are spending the day at Six Flags Over Georgia! Amazingly, this will be my FIRST EVER trip to a Six Flags theme park!

Since I grew up in Orlando, spending summers visiting Busch Gardens, Sea World, Universal Studios and, of course, Disney was the norm, but I know for much of the country Six Flags is their local park. For me, the closest one has always been up near Atlanta and there really wasn’t anything to draw me all the way up there when I had parks so close.

Stolen pic of the entrance

Stolen pic of the entrance

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