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The Roller Coaster Trip Was Amazing!!!

9 Dec

The Roller Coaster Trio!

The trip was months ago, but it was amazing! Cedar Point won best park of the trip, but Six Flags Over Georgia and Kings Island were both great too! All the parks confirmed the need for a Hypercoaster to be built in Orlando. After being disappointed by Space Mountain’s lame refurbishment at WDW I tweeted (yea, I do that now) that they missed a great opportunity to build the first indoor Hyper!

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My Vacation! Challenge Park and Soak City

12 Sep

First, let me apologize for the glaring lack of a post yesterday. I woke up sick and had no Internet in the house and since I hadn’t finished this post, nothing posted. I hope everyone who stopped by enjoyed the older posts and its back to the grind for me!

Today’s post will be about Cedar Point’s Soak City and Challenge Park. Soak city, as the name implies, is Cedar Point’s water park. I find it slightly difficult to judge this park because when you compare it to the parks we have in Orlando (Aquatica and Wet ‘n Wild) its not all that great, but really, how could it be? This is a water park on a peninsula jutting into one of the Great Lakes not the Caribbean. A HUGE chunk of the year this park is under snow. It had some good slides, two lazy rivers and a wave pool. All in all I enjoyed the half day we spent there.

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My Vacation: The Rides! Part Three

7 Sep

So I’ve ridden a lot of rides in my day. Big drops, looping coasters, diving coasters, dark rides, water rides, you name it, I’ve probably ridden it. Ok, so I’ve never ridden a “flying coaster” but I really want to ok? I’m not afraid of heights nor am I afraid of spinning or being upside down. They just don’t bother me.

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My Vacation: The Rides! Part Two

6 Sep

So I split the rides up because there was too much to talk about! Yesterday I wrote about our first three rides (Millennium Force, Maverick and Top Thrill Dragster) and all three were pretty fabulous!

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My Vacation: The Rides! Part One

5 Sep

After the long drive and a night in the hotel resort came a long day at the park. We arrived early and I took the opportunity to take a picture of the entrance:

We are really here!!

We are really here!!

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My Vacation: The Resort!

4 Sep

After the very long drive up to Sandusky from Florida we arrived at our hotel resort. We booked a package at Cedar Point’s own Castaway Bay. While this hotel isn’t right in the park like some of their more expensive resorts, it was pretty darn close. Only about a 5 minute drive to get across the bridge and we were in the parking lot. The package included a bunch of tickets to the park and water park plus some “bay bucks” to use on food. The big plus for me was the early entry into the park. Resort guests get to enter 1 hour prior to normal park opening.

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