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Lonely Avenue by Ben Folds and Nick Hornby

30 Oct

The latest album by Ben Folds, Lonely Avenue,  is a little different than his previous efforts. This album was a collaboration between Ben and Nick Hornby. Nick wrote all the lyrics and Ben put the music around it and performed it.

I didn’t know it when I first heard the name, but I am a fan of Nick Hornby! He is an English writer who happened to write the book that one of my favorite movies of all time was based off of, High Fidelity with John Cusack. I’ve actually contemplated purchasing the book (since I’ve started reading actual books!). Every song seems to do a great job telling a story, this shouldn’t be a surprise when you see how many great novels Hornby has written!

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Awesome Year of Concerts

19 Jun

2010 will be a banner year in my concert going life. I normally go to one, maybe two concerts a year.

This year already I’ve seen Pat Benatar, Ben Folds and Train!

That is just the beginning as we already have tickets to see “Weird Al” Yankovic in July at the Hard Rock Live and John Mayer with Owl City in September at the Ford Amphitheater in Tampa.

Oh yea, I have struck through the name because that was the name of the Amphitheater when I bought the tickets. Since then there has been a new corporate deal. I will now be seeing John Mayer at the 1-800-Ask-Gary Amphitheater. I wish I was joking.

I can’t even say the name of that company without thinking of the word “Aks” because that commercial with “Roz” that plays all the damn time and she can’t even say the damn company name right.

I expect John Mayer and every other artist who ever plays there to make fun of the name and the residents of the city where the amphitheater sits.

Well, when I think about it that way I guess it makes sense. These are the same people who have sports teams that apparently don’t come from the city, but from the body of water nearby. The city is Tampa people. This isn’t Green Bay we are talking about. It is Tampa. It is like if we renamed the Magic the “Lake Eola Magic.” It makes that much sense! (Which is to say it makes no damn sense at all)

The ONLY sports team in Tampa that I support is also the only one that I can SORT OF stretch the “Bay” part of their name. If this whole global climate change continues and we get some cold winters the Lightning could maybe play some games on the Bay!

But I digress. I’m having an amazing year of concerts. Probably the best ever!

Sansa Clip 8GB from Woot!

14 Apr

On April 1st Woot! was having  their “Woot! Your Own Adventure” fun on their main site with many good deals available if you could find them! I ended up purchasing on one of their sister sites, Sellout.Woot! Sellout is a partnership with Yahoo! shopping and was recently incorporated into Deals.Woot! Confused yet?

Bottom line is that I purchased an 8GB Sansa clip for use when I run (especially when there comes a time I need to run on my own). The Sansa clip appears to be perfect for running since it is ITTY BITTY! But more on that later

I was excited when I opened the mailbox and saw this:

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Ben Folds Chatroulette

22 Mar

So the other day I told you about the AWESOME Ben Folds concert I attended in Orlando. That concert was on March 22nd. Two days prior Ben Folds was in Charlotte, NC and he went live during his concert on Chatroulette!

If you don’t know what Chatroulette is, you don’t read the internets much. Chatroulette is a chat program where you turn on your web cam and are randomly connected to others around the world. Seems cool right? Well, unfortunately like most things on the internet it has become at least 75% naked males. So prepare yourself before you connect to your first partner. There is a good chance you will see naked males.

Here is a video of Ben’s Chatroulette performance. There is some NSFW language, but luckily they say they edited out the male genitalia. Enjoy!

I think that was pretty darn cool. Go Ben!

Ben Folds and a Piano

18 Mar

On Tuesday night JC and I went to the House of Blues at Downtown Disney to see Ben Folds and a Piano. This was my first time seeing Ben Folds live and I will say up front…it was awesome! We found out about the concert only last week and I drove over to the HOB box office and saved about $10 a ticket in crappy Ticketmaster/Live Nation fees. How can you charge me to use my own paper and ink to print the ticket? But I digress…

Our tickets!

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Rude Boy

13 Mar

Oh my! Did you think only the boys were singing catchy lyrics with a decidedly sexual side? Again thanks to JC for pointing out Rihanna’s newest single “Rude Boy.”

“Come on rude boy, boy can you get it up?” Really Rihanna? I guess there is a good reason your album is titled “Rated R.”

Is this really what we want as our “popular” music scene? Every other song talking about sex?

Lyrics are past the break…

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Carry Out

8 Mar

A couple weeks ago JC started singing a song that had been stuck in her head by Timbaland and Timberlake called “Carry Out.” I had never actually heard it (mainly because I don’t listen to XL 106.7).

Today on my drive I had XL (because I was listening to a show last night) and they played the song. I’ll admit it is catchy and has a beat. But wow is it a suggestive song!

How in the world do these kind of lyrics become “main stream.” I don’t hang out with many elementary or middle school kids but I can just picture them singing and dancing with this song. That is pretty wrong.

Check past the break for the full lyrics and comment to let me know what you think about them!

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“United Breaks Guitars”

18 Jul

My boss told me about this funny song/video that is currently up on  YouTube and I thought I would use my minuscule amount of influence on the internet to spread the word.

You can read the full story (or just listen to the song) but here is a quick rundown:

United Airlines destroyed a guys Taylor guitar at O’Hare International in Chicago. United refused to pay damages done to the guitar even though the passengers of the plane SAW the runway workers throwing the guitars (and other luggage) on the tarmac. Owner of guitar promised that he would write three songs and post videos on the internet for the world to see.

Great song. Bottom line, this little guy now has been talked about on all the big “news” networks and is closing in on 3 million hits on his YouTube video. Now United has come crawling to him begging for forgiveness. Watch the video. Share it with your friends. Don’t fly United. Period.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Skipper Dan

15 Jul

This is the next new song from Al’s “Internet Leaks” and it hit iTunes and YouTube yesterday. SO GO BUY IT!

This song makes me laugh on SOO many levels. It has Disney and Jungle Cruise jokes and I love me the Jungle Cruise. “Here is the backside of water!” I also have many friends who kill themselves night and day in community theater secretly hoping that they get a phone call…I know it.

GOAT is doing Reservoir Dogs currently, so when that popped up on the video I almost died.

Here it is: LINK (I hate YouTube sometimes)

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Craigslist

11 Jul

You heard the new “Weird Al” song? I think it is pretty awesome!!

It is a Doors tribute with original The  Doors keyboardist Ray Mazarek playing on the track!

For those of you paying attention, you will note that this is note a direct parody of any single The Doors song, this is fairly common for “Weird Al.” Many of his songs are “genre” or “band” parodies rather than specific song parodies.

Without further delay, enjoy by clicking HERE (I know, lame that I can’t embed it!)

When you decide that you love it, go buy it on iTunes or Zune marketplace! Show some love!