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Happy April Fools Day!

1 Apr

My favorite April Fools joke I’ve seen so far? Toshiba’s new TubeTop laptop! There world’s first inflatable laptop!!! Remember I got a Toshiba for Christmas and it KICKS BUTT! In fact, I am typing this blog on it right now. Love it! I just wish I had known about the inflatable laptop!

Check out Toshiba’s official video for the TubeTop:

Also, check out Toshiba’s official website ( for more information!

What is the secret of a good April Fools joke? Full commitment! Official website? Official video? Glossy magazine style photo shoots? Great product innovation that everyone wants? Great product name? I know this one may not actually make you think that they are ACTUALLY going to make the TubeTop, but I liked it.

Well done Toshiba! Well done!

New Layout and Features

12 Mar

If you regularly visit my blog you will notice the page looks different today. I changed themes which allowed me to add a few new features!

At the top you will find some tabs to jump straight to some of my most popular categories. You can jump straight to a list of my posts on Fitness (Wii Fit, EA Sports and Running), family and friends! It is a great way to find things more quickly on my site.

Just below that you will find a text box that I can edit regularly to point on new features/events/whatever I want to tell you about! (This is only available on the home page)

I’m also playing around with some new fonts and other things you may or may not even notice! If there is anything you like/dislike just drop me a comment to let me know!! I love feedback!

Christmas Present!

19 Dec

So, for Christmas this year I pretty much only asked for one thing. A new laptop.

My personal laptop that I used at work finally bit the dust. It was an old (cheap) used Dell that had slowly begun to die. The screen had lost a large area on the right and it was still running Windows 2K (yes, 2k!). One day I went to turn it on and it just didn’t work. The hard drive had gone to that giant server room in the sky…or something like that.

So, my parents are amazing. Straight up! AMAZING! The reason I’m able to start blogging again (and surf any internet at work) is that they have given me an early birthday present. A Toshiba Satellite A505!

The Logo

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Shirt.Woot! Random Shirts Again!

2 May

Yup, Shirt.Woot! had another random shirt day and I got myself three random shirts! I’ve posted my hauls before here, here, here and here. These random shirt days are ways for Shirt.Woot! to get rid of some extra discontinued T-Shirts. Shirt.Woot! sells shirts for $10, one shirt per day. After it’s first day a shirt can be found with a friend code for $15 until it is “reckoned.”

On random shirt days they sell the shirts for $6.66! So I bought three!!

Check past the break to see what I got!

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Funny Picture Sites

24 Mar

I have noticed recently a proliferation of funny picture sites. You know, like LOLCats and FailBlog (which happen to be some of my favorites). There are so many of these that my sister has even been emailing them to me, apparently in an attempt to get mentioned on my blog.

Well, she did it. She sent me a link to Word To Your…, as in Word To Your Mother. Their banner even includes a look a like to Vanilla Ice! I found myself LOLing at many of the pictures. My favorite so far is this one.

Since she really wanted to be mentioned I decided I would use this space to congratulate her and her husband Charlie on their brand new foster baby Hailey Elle:

My sis, Hailey and my brother in-law Charlie

My sis, Hailey and my brother in-law Charlie

My sis, little Hailey and my brother

My sis, little Hailey and my brother

Can’t you see the family resemblance?

Also, if you happen to live in the Seattle area, so does my sister! Maybe you could use a photographer? Silverspoon Photography is my sister’s company! Check out her awesome pics! They make my flower and garden photos look pretty shitty eh? Also, check out my sister’s kick ass tattoo at the bottom of that page. I think I should get a spork on my forearm!

Mom’s New Toy!

5 Mar

So I didn’t have a chance to write a blog last night because I was busy setting up my mom’s new toy!

For years my mom has had to fight with my little brother for computer time to check her email, pay her bills and most importantly, read my blog! She often would get days behind on my blog! COMPLETELY unacceptable!

I always said she should just get a laptop, but never did I imagine that a fad would run through the computer world with this new “netbooks.” Which are really just REALLY small laptops.

Mom got a Dell Mini 9n. This is a 9 inch netbook loaded with Ubuntu (a Linux system) rather than Windows. The reason being, Windows is a resource hog and this little netbook is anything but a resource powerhouse.

This little baby came with a 1.6ghz processor, 512mb RAM, 4 GB SSD drive and built in wireless. I have never used Ubuntu before, but it was a breeze. In only about 20 minutes I had the computer set up and on the internet.

Since it doesn’t have Windows, no Internet Explorer and that is ok. I prefer Firefox anyways! It also came loaded with Open Office, which I HIGHLY recommend if you need a FREE office program. It will open Microsoft Office documents, so don’t worry about that!

Now, the downsides of this little baby. It doesn’t have much storage space, but you can upgrade that. Mom paid $185 (with a discount) for hers and she really REALLY doesn’t need the space. She just wants to be able to check her EMail while Daniel is blowing away enemies on WoW or something. The screen is small, but the space is used well by Ubunutu, so you could get used to it.

Finally, the biggest downfall (for me) is the keyboard. It is ITTY BITTY. Mom seemed to have no problems with it, I was constantly hitting the wrong keys/mashing two keys at once.

Bottom line, Ubuntu seems to kick ass, the little computer is fast and does exactly what we got it to do, so it should keep mom happy!

How To Behave On An Internet Forum

5 Jan

Most people aren’t like me, so I’m not sure how many of you spend time on internet forums? I spend a LOT of time reading forums, but I don’t post much. I’m a lurker. From the MILLIONS of internet posts I’ve read (blog comments and forum posts) I am still amazed at how the SAME trends happen no matter what you are talking about. Electronics, food, video games, roller coasters, theme parks or crafting it does not matter. More on this and videos past the break!

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Social Media in Plain English

15 Dec

I found this video thanks to the Serious Eats blog and found it very interesting. It explains, using yummy ice cream, what is going on with Social Media. It shows how little chumps like me with this itty bitty blog are changing the world as we know it!

Mmmmmm…Pickle ice cream!


13 Oct
The Romans, Gauls and Teutons

The Romans, Teutons and Gauls

So as you all know I sit on the internet way too much. Most of my time is spent looking up football and racing information and looking at viral videos. I also chat with some friend on Pidgin to pass the time. Recently my friend Kori, who comments on my blogs regularly, pointed me to a game called Travian. This is an addictive browser based “real-time strategy” game.

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Beer Goggles?

12 Oct
You know you what Im talking about!

You know you what I'm talking about!

Have you ever gotten drunk and then said something to someone that you shouldn’t have? Have you ever gotten drunk and texted something to someone that you shouldn’t have? Well I can’t help you there, but if you have ever gotten drunk and then emailed your undying love to your ex I have a tool for you!

Gmail (a great email service BTW) has come out with a new service called “Mail Goggles.” Once you activated it you can set it to know the days and times you are most likely to be on the computer hammered, it defaults to Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm and 4am, but you can set it to any time and date combination you would like. During that window if you attempt to send an email it will pop up and ask you a series of relatively simple arithmetic problems. If you fail the test, your email remains in your outbox and you keep yourself from being embarrassed this one time.

As someone who has emailed innapropriate things while drunk, I have activated this feature. Only problem is that when I’m on my desktop computer I use Outlook and this only works when you are connecting to gmail via its website.

Oh well, you can find more information about “Mail Goggles” here. If you want Gmail and need an invite, send me a note and I will invite you over to the dark side!