Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

16 Apr

This isn’t exactly breaking news as I’ve been reading about it on other blogs for a while during testing, but Magic Kingdom has added a new interactive game. It is similar to the game found at EPCOT’s Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure (soon to be re-themed as Agent P from Phineas and Ferb. It is called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and it has some key differences to the Kim Possible version. I’m not going to try to explain the game in depth or give away any spoilers, I’m just going to give some basics and my immediate reaction having played it a bit.

First thing you do if you want to play is go to one of the Sorcerers Recruitment Center. The main one is in the Firehouse on Main Street. Another is in Fantasyland (but I haven’t been there yet). You will see a short video giving you an overview of the story, receive your first set of cards and then get a quick instruction on how to play.

The Starter Kit.

So what you get is a “Key Card” (on the left in the picture above) a map (center above) and a set of 5 Spell Cards. The Key Card is how you activate the various “portals” around the Magic Kingdom. Here is the other side:

This is like your identification card.

The Map is actually a combination of FOUR maps:

Main St (which happens to be the area I started in)



Liberty Square/Frontierland

During your training you will be given a starting spot and your first adventure will take part all within one of these maps, it happens that my first adventure was on Main Street. Once you locate the correct portal, and wait in line, you use your key card to activate the portal and then watch a short video. When prompted you will use your spell cards!

When you first start you are given 5 spell cards (out of 70!) and each day you go back you can get 5 more cards. Being that I’m a collector I chose to visit Magic Kingdom this morning to grab 5 more cards and I’m glad I did because I got Mr. Toad’s card!

Here are my 10 cards:

My Cards

Each card has a different Disney character and their spells. They each also have different ratings at the bottom for Attack, Boost and Shield. I’m not exactly sure what they mean as in my game I’ve had no use for the numbers yet.

The Best part of how this game works is that you just stand on the spot and show the screen (or rather the cameras hidden to the left and right of the screen) the card you wish to use. The video on screen will then react to what card you played. I enjoyed watching Buzz Lightyear pull his screen down and then zap one of Cruella DeVil‘s henchman.

After using your spell card you will see the result of your intervention and be given the next portal to go to.

This morning when I went back I was excited about Mr. Toad‘s card and was puzzled by Tiana‘s:

Mr. Toad & Tiana

It is good to see Mr. Toad getting some love despite his ride having been destroyed by that honey loving bear, but Tiana just made me giggle. Tiana (if you didn’t know) is from “The Princess & The Frog” and was/is Disney’s first/only African American Princess and they make her attack “Tiana’s Hot Sauce”?? Really Disney? Not sure if it is racist or not, but I’m sure some people will take it there.

Unlike the Kim Possible adventure at EPCOT, this game isn’t about finding the “hidden” spots. The game shows you exactly where to go, and if you go to the wrong portal, it tells you!

The biggest plus about the game so far? Free cards to collect. It is rare that you walk into Disney and they give you something free. Even rarer that they will give you something free EVERYTIME you come back!

The biggest minus? Lines & traders. There are lines at every portal and there are people with huge books of cards trying to trade with you. I don’t have any duplicates yet, so I haven’t had a need or desire to trade just yet.

It is also time consuming, but since it remembers where you were days later, people with passes (like me) can do a portal or two, and then move on to the rides around the park. So far the game has been super easy (though I’m told there are harder levels that you can eventually move up to) with some cute interactive videos to watch.

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