Do You Like Monopoly?

23 Jan

I do! In fact I received two more for Christmas this year bringing my total up to 16 non digital versions of the game! I also have it on my Android smart phone and for my old Nintendo DS!


Just last night I celebrated Christmas with my folks (January has been busy) and I got Brew-Opoloy from my wonderful sister and brother in-law! Such a genius present since it combines an old love for the game monopoly and a newer love of beer!

Most of these games come with a memory. Star Trek TNG was a present from the beautiful JC. The Miami Dolphins version came in my stocking this year! The retro golf and NASCAR versions both come from the awesome Keeper of Monkeys and her thrift store thriftyness!

You are probably now asking why in the world I would need so many, well they are all so different! In Monopoly Revolution the board is round! In Monopoly MEGA it takes a roll of twelve to get from one corner to the next and you roll a special third die!

All of them are awesome and I look forward to playing with them (and more) for many many years!

One Response to “Do You Like Monopoly?”

  1. Kati January 23, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    You could have quite the Monopoly competition! 🙂

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