My Perfect Valentine!

16 Feb

Monday was an amazing Valentine’s Day with the love of my life ,Jenny Cate! We did dinner and a movie and exchanged very similar presents!

Dinner was at Seasons 52. Wow! I absolutely love that place! This was actually our third visit in the past couple months. The first was just a date night and was JC’s first visit. Then we went for my mom’s birthday. I had something different each time and can’t complain about a single item on any course. They were all delicious!

If you haven’t been to Seasons 52 it is a little different then most restaurants, even though it is owned by Darden (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Longhorn, Capital Grille, etc). They change their menu with the Seasons (hence the Seasons) and change their specials weekly (hence the 52). Each of our visits were on the Winter menu, their Spring menu should launch soon I believe. I’m not really sure because the seasons are so weird in Florida (i.e. – we don’t have them).

Another important factor on their menu is the fact that they promise that every item is under 475 calories! Fresh, delicious, healthy food? Awesome! Be sure you don’t miss their desserts, or mini indulgences as they call them. They have a variety of small (shot glass size) desserts that pack a lot of flavor in a small package!

After dinner we drove over to Universal’s City Walk to catch “Gnomeo & Juliet“. Yes, two twenty somethings on a romantic date night went to see a “G” rated kids movie! Judge me! I don’t care!

Movie Poster

The movie was actually super cute. A nice take on the classic “Romeo and Juliet.” I also liked that despite its “G” rating it had a lot of jokes to make the grown ups laugh. How can you not love a movie that has Sir Patrick Stewart and Ozzy Osbourne in it?

Of course, “Gnomeo & Juliet” was produced by Sir Elton John, which means that he provided some new and old music for the movie. I smiled every time the orchestration would play a short riff from an Elton song in the background and there was a real LOL moment when one of the Gnomes sang “Your Song” to Juliet.

I’m not going to tell you what happens (it is Romeo and Juliet remember) but I’m going to recommend you go see it. Adults, kids, aliens, you will all love it!

Remember I mentioned earlier that JC and I exchanged similar presents? You don’t? It was in the first paragraph of this post! I’ll wait…you read it now? Ok, so we did.

JC got me an awesome Star Trek: The Next Generation Monopoly! It is awesome. It has all of the main TNG characters in it and even has an alien species guide! This makes my twelfth monopoly game! I can’t wait to play this one!

I also happened to go the Monopoly route, kinda. I got Jenny Cate a personalized “Lovopoly” game. It is awesome. I supplied all of the property names (I used a lot of places/theme parks we have visited over the last two years) and even supplied a few pictures to be used on the board as the center picture, the Perfect Match Space (Free Parking) and Go to Therapy (Go to Jail).

It turned out even better than I expected and I don’t think she had ANY clue what she was going to get! This is really an awesome present for the significant other in your life! Go check it out at their website,!

It was an amazing Valentine’s Day and I’m so happy that Jenny Cate has chosen to be my Valentine! I love you sweetie!!

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  1. glutenfreeorlando April 12, 2011 at 2:40 pm #

    Meow, Joe I went and got a blog final…. ie glutenfreeorlando!!! Muahaha

    Kori ^_^

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