Fast Don’t Lie!

1 Nov

Dwight Howard and Slim Chin (Ken Jeong) making me laugh my ass off!

Side note…is Ken Jeong not one of the funniest dudes around right now?? I know everyone saw him in The Hangover. But he was also in Knocked Up, Role Models, Couples Retreat (probably the funniest part of that whole movie) and Pineapple Express not to mention his HILARIOUS role of Senior Chang on Community (GREAT show).

These small parts that are HILARIOUS are reminding me of another of my favorite comedians, Zach Galifianakis (who also had a breakout role in The Hangover). I remember him from a Comedy Central Presents special where he finished his show with this awesome gag with song! I had to find and upload this video to YouTube…I hope it worked!

I hope that Ken Jeong can use these smaller roles to move onto bigger roles!

And for putting up with all my off topic ramblings here is bonus “Fast Don’t Lie.”

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