Birthday 2010!

10 Jun

It was awesome! Benihana was very yummy (though maybe not as good as Kobe) and Pat O’Briens at City Walk was a good time! But most of all the people were awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out or texted me or hit me up on Facebook.

Here is the official Benihana photo:

Since we had a pretty good sized group we ended up spread out over two tables. Above was the “kids table” and here is my horrible picture of the “adult” table:

Here is the story to how this happened. I originally made a reservation for fourteen (eleven adults and three high chairs). Unfortunately the Luby household was sick and Libbey was unable to join us on the first part of the night. So that dropped it to a much more manageable seven. Constance let me know that she was having her parents drive her (so she could continue studying for her boards) so I invited her parents to join.

Rob was running late and had forgotten his phone, so I assumed he was ignoring me because he wasn’t coming. We were seated as a party of ten at one table. We were crammed into the table as it was when Rob arrived. Benihana was very gracious to allow us to have the table opposite ours so we had two tables and two chefs to ourselves!

Dinner was really yummy. I upgraded to the fried rice, which was a great idea since our chef did this:

Hidden Mickey!!!!

So after dinner with some great family and friends Rob, Jenny Cate and I met Libbey at Pat O’Briens for some dueling piano goodness. Being that I was meaning to write a blog I forgot to take pictures. It is a really interesting little bar with some delicious drinks.

Jenny Cate and I were drinking some of their “special” drinks and as the night wore on I noticed that our glasses were not being cleared from the table. The waitress eventually filled us in on the fact that we got to keep the glasses:


The drinks were expensive, but this was City Walk. I expected $7 fruity drinks. I didn’t expect to end up with a set of cool glasses!!!

During our time at Pat O’s there were three different piano players, all who were pretty darn good. It is hard to imagine what anyone did before iPhone’s and Androids since the piano players were using their phones to get lyrics to play songs!

We requested some music and even got some great Ben Folds played including most of “Song for the Dumped” and “Army.”

It was an AMAZING night and I thank everyone who came out again! Thanks Mom, Dad, Danny, Jenny Cate, Mr. and Mrs. H, Rob, Constance, Fifi and Mr. and Mrs. K!

The real question you are asking though is how was the haul? Isn’t it? I think it was pretty darn good!

Jenny Cate got me this:

Those movies go with my most recent Woot! acquisition (which was really a birthday present to me!). During the most recent Woot! Off I got myself a cheap Blu-Ray player. Before Benihana we relived my childhood and watched the first Toy Story on the Blu-Ray player and it was amazing! To go with my nerdiness I also got myself another Blu-Ray for my birthday:


My parents and my sister sent something that I definitely need! CASH! Rob hooked me up with a Visa gift card that will probably go towards a video game or some Blu-Ray goodness.

Mr. and Mrs. H went WAY above the call and duty and got me a cute birthday card and stuff for our trip to Italy (holy crap its in two weeks!!):

Yea, that is a video game shaped neck pillow you see there:


You may have also noticed the monopoly money in there

Apparently this is what they use instead of real money in Europe. Just kidding!

They also continued to fuel my Disney Pin addiction with two awesome finds!

RIP Mr. Toad!

I definitely have some AWESOME family and friends!!!

Thanks again everyone for making my birthday AWESOME!!!!

2 Responses to “Birthday 2010!”

  1. sunshinekmp June 10, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    Very fun. I can’t believe you didn’t know that you got to keep your glasses at Pat O’s! We have some of those very glasses in our drinking cabinet.
    Great gifts too. I can’t believe you are going to Italy! So crazy. That will be awesome!
    Sorry we missed out on your party.


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