Humans Make Mistakes

3 Jun

For anyone who is a sports fan you by now has heard hours of argument about the bad call made in the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Lions game last night. Check out the ESPN story here (Warning: Video auto-plays).

Here is the play:

It is very obvious that the 1st base umpire made a bad call. One that umpires make EVERY game. If you watch a baseball or basketball or football game play by play you will find mistakes. Some minor, some major. This mistake, taken out of context, is minor. What makes this such a big deal is the context.

This one hit happened on the LAST out. What if the same thing happened on the second out of the game? Would there be such uproar? The answer is no. It has happened before and will happen again.

I don’t blame the umpire. He made a mistake. I make mistakes, you make mistakes, we all make mistakes. Get off of his back. He is going to be back on the field in Detroit this afternoon. I, for one, will give him a nod for admitting his mistake and wish him well as he continues his career.

In my head this is an easy fix. Give him the out. Make it a perfect game. It wouldn’t have any far reaching effects because it was the final out. They won’t do it though and that is ok too.

The umpire, rightly or wrongly, will be remembered for the rest of his life for that call.

The bigger issue is that this was (or should have been) the THIRD perfect game so far this season. All time there had only been eighteen before this season. In fact, between 1922 and 1956 NO perfect games were thrown. Nearly thirty-four years without one and in the first sixty games of 2010 we’ve had almost three!

Is this the effect of steroids being banned?

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