Key West 2010!

24 May

Wow…just Wow! Saturday we spent the day at Key West and it was AMAZING!

I had never been to Key West and so we had to do all the tourist-y stuff.

Being six twenty somethings we also did the drinking stuff.

First a shout out to the crew. FSU Kappa’s Melinda, Havely and my love JC. Who were nice enough to bring along the boys: James, Diego and myself.

Here we all are at Mile 0:

Left to right: Diego, Havely, JC, me, Melinda and James.

To start out trip JC and I drove from Orlando to Kendall (Havely’s house) where we met up with the whole crew. We kicked off the weekend with a beer before heading to a nice bar with 100+ beers on tap The Yard House.

We got back to Havely’s house to get a little sleep before getting up bright and early to head to the Keys. We piled into a rental van and took the trip down. It was a longer drive then I expected but had some beautiful sights of the water as we made our way.

Here is JC and I looking cute in Key West:

She makes me look better...

We started out our trip by getting a drink at Sloppy Joe’s

Mmmmm...sledge hammer

We also ate sloppy Joe’s AT Sloppy Joe’s. How awesome is that?

All of the couples took pictures. JC and I were the most gay:


We also hit up a few other bars including the original location of Sloppy Joe’s (where Hemingway actually drank) and passed by a bar with a saddle out front. JC showed us how it is done:

Looking hot!

Diego had used the internet to find a bar that we HAD to go to. Unfortunately it was a ways out-of-the-way. As we started getting closer we found Diego excited by the flags flying over the bar!

On our way to Hemingway’s house the group all got distracted. I couldn’t get their attention because they were staring at some cute chicks:

Cute chicks!

I was personally way more mature and was distracted by the name of the house:

I can't make this stuff up!

We finally made it to Hemingway’s house and enjoyed a nice little tour looking at the cute kitties.

Our tour guy was a nice man from Ohio in a bright shirt:

That shirt is NOT from Ohio.

While we were there they were setting up for a  wedding at the Hemingway house. A pretty location for a wedding:

I took a picture of this on my cell phone and had started writing a text message to the moms (JC’s and mine) with the subject “SURPRISE” but I was overruled!

We went to Mallory Square for the Sunset Festival. There were lots of street performers including this crazy “Cat Man”

Yes, that is a cat jumping through a flaming hoop

The “Cat Man” was crazy. Think of Mr. Bean only with a German accent and crazy.

While waiting for the sun to set I tried to take a beauty shot. There was the cute water, a pretty boat and a beautiful girl:

She makes pictures easy

Here is the sun going down:

Not quite sunset, but I love the picture

We finished off the night by hitting up the “Southernmost Point of the US.”

Only 90 miles from Cuba!

And here we are South of the Southernmost point:

Our feet are dry. I'm not saying I'm just saying!

Overall it was an AMAZING day in a beautiful place with some great people.

Thanks to JC and Havely for setting it up. I can’t wait to go back!!!


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