Mysterious Leg Problem

22 May

I teased yesterday that I had a mysterious leg problem and I am going to write about it. If you happen to know what could cause this let me know.

I will warn that beyond the break are pictures and I know some people have been disgusted by the looks of it. It isn’t pretty.

First though I will walk through the events of the past weekend (in case this helps someone figure it out).

I was off on Friday and spent some of the day cleaning and doing laundry before meeting up with JC, Liesl, Jon, my parents and JC’s parents at Raglan Road for some REALLY yummy dinner. After dinner we went and saw “How to Train a Dragon” in 3D!

Saturday afternoon we went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. JC wasn’t feeling the best and it was REALLY hot so we didn’t get a lot in. We did ride Rip, Ride Rockit and I was able to get Metalica’s secret track. “Cyanide” to play. After that we single rider’d Men In Black twice in a row. First time I kicked ass (560k points without the bonus!!!) and the second time I got my ass handed to me (per my usual). After that we made our way over to IOA and rode Dueling Dragons (Fire side only) and took some pictures of the new (almost open) Wizardly World of Harry Potter. I was wearing khaki shorts all day.

After that we went home, had dinner and relaxed. Sunday morning I woke up early and went to work. My uniform is long pants. When I got home (after my 10 hour shift) I changed into shorts and noticed a red mark on my leg. It did not hurt and I dismissed it as being from sitting with my legs crossed. Unfortunately I was wrong.

Later Sunday night when I took my shower (so I can sleep up a wee bit in the morning) I noticed that the water hitting my leg stung. This would only get worse.

I worked again Monday and by the end of the day the red area had begun to blister. Check out this cell phone pic:

It is hard to see but the top red mark has started to blister.

By Tuesday the whole thing was blistering and very painful:

By Wednesday it had gotten slightly darker in color and was a painful combination of popping blisters and new blisters.

Luckily, as Thursday went on the area has started to feel better and is looking better on Friday. No more blisters, though some raw skin has become exposed after the blisters have gone away:

I’m at a complete loss for what caused it. I’m wondering if I rubbed something getting on/off of Dueling Dragons that my skin reacted poorly too? Allergic reaction? Chemical burn? Maybe in the middle of the night JC took her curling iron to my leg?

Anything is possible I guess. Anyone out there can tell me what happened?


One Response to “Mysterious Leg Problem”

  1. grim September 14, 2011 at 7:46 pm #

    That is definitely a staph infection.

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