Mother’s Day 2010!

10 May

Mother’s Day 2010 was a resounding success!

My family and JC’s family spent the day at The Magic Kingdom! It was a BEAUTIFUL but hot day out. I was expecting more of a crowd, but the lines were manageable all day!

We managed to knock out all of the major attractions and have an AMAZING lunch at Tony’s pretty easily.

We did ride Dumbo with our moms!

We even ran across Aladin and Jasmine riding “The Magic Carpets of Aladdin“:

All in all I think the Mother’s had a great day. I know that JC wasn’t thrilled with me when I suggested we check out “It’s a Small World” but I think all was forgiven.

There was also a milestone for me at Magic Kingdom yesterday. I rode a ride for the first time.

I know, how can someone who has been to the Magic Kingdom hundreds of times not have ridden something, especially when they think of themselves as a Disney Expert? Well, it was by choice.

Yesterday was about the mothers first and the beginning of JC’s birthday week second. I was a distant 384th so I went along with the plan. They decided (JC’s mom being a huge fan of this character) to ride “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.”

The Pooh ride opened in 1999 at Magic Kingdom replacing my favorite Fantasyland ride, “Mr Toad’s Wild Ride.” When the Pooh ride opened a few years later in Disneyland it replaced the Country Bear Jamboree, which happens to be a favorite show of mine at Magic Kingdom.

Pooh is a heartless ruler who destroys everyone and anyone in his way. Did you adults know that Christopher Robin is no longer a visitor in the Hundred Acre Wood? A young girl named Darby has replaced him! Is it because Christopher Robin got too old? Or did he foil one of Pooh’s world domination plans one too many times? You tell me!

So anyways, we rode the ride. Mr. Toad has a shout out on the ride in a painting on the wall, which made me smile. I always stop to see Mr. Toad in the Haunted Mansion’s Pet Cemetery after the ride. He was just too small to fight that darn bear! But I digress.

The ride was pretty good with an interesting bouncing effect while chasing Tigger and a trippy psychedelic room to scare the kiddies. JC loved the ride, so I’m sure we will be riding it many many more times. Each time I will give Mr. Toad his due.

During the day we made some great Disney Pin trades. JC ended up with a couple very very nice pins and I added one Figment to my collection. Both mom’s even got into the act with my mom trading for TWO pins on the day!

I hope the Moms enjoyed their day as much as I did!

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