Proof She is Amazing

8 May

So, you may have read my post on Cinco de Mayo. It was a little thing I worked hard on to show my feelings across the internet. If you didn’t read it, you should (as long as you like sappy love notes).

Anyways. To show my love and affection I got JC some pretty earrings. I did a good job but she did much better! She was sneaky and got something I didn’t expect at all. She caught me off guard and I love it!

I used to wear this little cross all the time. It was a pretty cheap stainless steel number with a real thin necklace. Unfortunately a while back the chain broke. I kept telling myself that I would get a new one and everything would be great. I even put it on top of my TV so I would see it multiple times a day. Still, it laid there with no use.

JC at some point recently stole my cross! She then gave it back to me on our anniversary with a brand spanking new chain. AMAZING!

I totally love the new chain and wear it all the time! I used to have a picture (I think it was even on Facebook) of me wearing it back in the day but I can’t find it anywhere so I can’t show you how much better the new chain is!

I did take a picture with it on (very similar to the old photo) and I want you to concentrate on the bling…damnit

Sorry for blinding half of you.

I just wanted to post this to say Thanks and I love you Jenny Cate! You are the best ever!!


One Response to “Proof She is Amazing”

  1. sunshinekmp May 8, 2010 at 8:04 am #

    Good job JC! 🙂 (And I don’t think we questioned the amazing part….if anyone did, it couldn’t have been for very long!)

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