Mountain Dew New Flavors

25 Apr

Actually, I guess I’m wrong. Ever since Pepsi “re-branded” themselves it is actually “MTN DEW” not “Mountain Dew. I’m sorry to have horribly misled you by the title of this blog.

This blog is about Mountain MTN DEW’s new promotion about having the American public pick their newest flavor. You may remember I wrote about this back when it was still “Mountain Dew” in 2008. I know many people remember this because it is getting me LOTS of hits with people trying to find information about THIS years competitors. So here they are:

So there we have them. White Out, Typhoon and Distortion!

I being a loyal blogger tried all three once again. I’ll try to give a short description of each:

First up we have Distortion:

If you can read that, it says “Lime blasted Dew.” Now Mountain MTN DEW is a citrus beverage to start, so I was worried about the “lime blasted” and I was right. It tasted like you were sucking on a carbonated lime. Not a winner at all.

Next up we have Typhoon:

Typhoon is a “Punch of Tropical Dew” according to the label. I see what you did there Pepsi. You see, Typhoon tastes like a Tropical Punch with a Dew aftertaste. Not the best pair in my opinion, but definitely a step up from Distortion. If you like Tropical Punch you would probably be better off just getting some.

Finally we have White Out:

White Out is “Smooth Citrus Dew” and that fits. It is a smooth citrus beverage without the shock flavor of Mountain MTN DEW. It actually reminds me more of Fresca than it does Dew, and that is a good thing in my book.

With how bad I felt the other two were and how good this was I really think that this WHOLE charade is just a play to get a Fresca (Coca-Cola) competitor on the market without saying “Hey Coke, we stole your flavor! K Thanks!”

If you want to vote, go to (my feelings is that it should have a “K” for this mockery) and vote. Just like in our democracy, you can vote up to three times per day on the website, plus you can vote as much as you want via Text!

I’m happy to say that as of now, White Out is tied and is leading Florida!! Maybe Floridians DO have good taste!


One Response to “Mountain Dew New Flavors”

  1. sunshinekmp April 25, 2010 at 9:17 am #

    Ha ha. I love your dedication to your readers and MTN DEW drinkers at large. I loved the part about ‘sucking on a carbonated lime.’ And how it is just like our democracy…voting three times a day! Too funny. You are a good writer!

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