Glee…Season Two

19 Apr

So, I wrote about Glee last year and I liked it but I didn’t write anymore about it through the first season. The main reason was because the show kinda sucked. Sure there were some good “show choir” renditions of popular songs and classics with Jane Lynch making me crack up every time she opened Sue Sylvester’s mouth but that was it. The actual show was the same thing every week. From the second episode you knew exactly what was going to happen in their plot lines. But I know they had to play it safe and, as expected, they wrapped everything up nice and neat in the last episode.

So, JC and I sat down the other day to watch the DVR to see what new and exciting things they were going to go with for season two. They had an audience, they had a good formula and just needed to write some good, compelling story lines.

And what do they do????

They spend the ENTIRE first episode coming up with off the wall ways to re-open all of the story lines from the first season. So now season two has the EXACT same “conflicts” to resolve. Only instead of being a road to sectionals, but its the road to regionals.

Oh yea, and Mr. Schuester is a man whore. I mean, how they write the show we are supposed to be pulling for the dude, but I really don’t like how he can’t not make out with multiple women. He had a wife and was all over the crazy guidance counselor. Now he is dating the crazy virgin guidance counselor and can’t keep his hands off the rival show choir teacher?

I know that Sue Sylvester is the “bad” guy in the show, but at least she is honest about what she is and what she does. I’d rather her win and have the man whore fired then to be pulling for that guy. Oh yea, and Sue Sylvester’s “Vogue” by Madonna video was the best music they’ve done on that show. Click here to see it!

One Response to “Glee…Season Two”

  1. sunshinekmp April 19, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    I have not been a Glee fan, which is a little surprising to even me. Everyone said we would like it because we were show choir kids…but no. The first episode last season wasn’t enough to draw me in and even the other episode that I watched later was just okay. I was hoping for more. Oh well. One less tv show I HAVE to watch each week!

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