Sansa Clip 8GB from Woot!

14 Apr

On April 1st Woot! was having  their “Woot! Your Own Adventure” fun on their main site with many good deals available if you could find them! I ended up purchasing on one of their sister sites, Sellout.Woot! Sellout is a partnership with Yahoo! shopping and was recently incorporated into Deals.Woot! Confused yet?

Bottom line is that I purchased an 8GB Sansa clip for use when I run (especially when there comes a time I need to run on my own). The Sansa clip appears to be perfect for running since it is ITTY BITTY! But more on that later

I was excited when I opened the mailbox and saw this:

The box is new to me and features all five of Woot’s sub-sites (Deals, Sellout, Shirt, Wine and Kids) along with the old standard Woot! My previous Woot! purchases (there aren’t that many) came in boxes with only the big Woot! exclamation point on them. Of course most of my Woot! purchases over the years have been Shirts and they come in Woot! bags.

Upon opening the bag I found:

Bags of air!! 90% of the space within the box was packed with very expensive Woot! air.

Sealed for your protection! You’ll notice no box. Probably cause this was a refurbished item:

Looking good, but I don’t think you can quite get the size of this thing yet. So I took this picture:

World’s shortest USB cable along with my keys to show you that the clip is about the same size as a standard door key! Not pictured, but the Clip gets its name from the clip on the back of it.

Pretty screen. That screen is the thing that separates it from Apple’s iPod Shuffle, which in its current version is a little bit smaller than the clip.

One thing I noticed was that the Clip came with no software. Luckily with my Windows 7 and Windows Media Player I didn’t need any. In fact. The first thing that popped up when I plugged in the clip was a picture of the clip!

Windows Media Player also popped up immediately with the Clip’s picture:

Since the crappy ear buds that come with the unit won’t make me happy and probably wouldn’t work very well for running, I purchased some “sport headphones” from Sony. I found them at Target on clearance (a lot of headphones on clearance at Target right now). So far they sound good, but I haven’t put them to a run test but I think they will do alright.

Since I have my amazing Zune (also purchased from Woot!) I will be using this for my running. Most of the time JC is my run partner and I have no need for music, but I’m sure there will be a day here or there where I will need to motivate myself to run alone (JC does it all the time when I’m at work).

The only thing I need now, and I haven’t been able to find it on the huge interwebs just yet, is a program that will go through all of my music (60+ gigs) and find me good running music. I would rather have something that will automatically pull a playlist together for me of uptempo running music then having to wade through the music by myself. Does anyone know of something like that exists?

One Response to “Sansa Clip 8GB from Woot!”

  1. sunshinekmp April 14, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

    Wow that is small but still pretty nice. I was wondering if it would have a display with names and it does! 🙂 Enjoy.

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