Honesty is the Best Policy?

9 Apr

Burger King has some funny commercials with “The King” running around. In their newest commercial “The King” breaks into a competitors headquarters and steals a recipe for use in Burger Kings around the world.

“It’s not that original but it’s super affordable.”

That is right. Burger King has straight up admitted to stealing McDonald’s Egg McMuffin!

Some people, coughJCcough, claim that McD’s fries contain crack but I have always been drawn to Burger King over McD’s.

The question is, is it cool that BK has clearly stolen a McD’s idea and then blatantly admitted it in a commercial? Shouldn’t we try to move forward in life and business based on our own ideas instead of taking someone else’s successful ideas and making them our own?


One Response to “Honesty is the Best Policy?”

  1. tokyo5 April 9, 2010 at 9:57 am #

    Burger King in Japan doesn’t even have TV commercials.
    They’re just trying not to fail here again like they did a few years back.

    Burger King Japan sells beer and whiskey!

    And McDonalds has unique menu items too:

    Wendy’s Japan closed up all their shops here (Are they still popular in America?)

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