Running…Part Three

26 Mar

So, since the last time I wrote about Running (Part 1 Part 2) I have had a setback. If you follow my Twitter (upper right corner of the page) you would know that already though! After our run near the Convention Center I had a couple days of bad pain in my left knee.

It made it difficult to walk, let alone run. We made an attempt a few days later and after nearly collapsing I took a seat and watched JC run a complete mile around Cranes Roost. By the time we got home it felt like my knee had exploded. JC helped me with a bag of ice and a pillow.

The next day I broke down and bought a compression type knee brace that helped a lot. I spent the next couple days icing the knee in the evening and keeping the brace on when I had to do a bunch of walking (like at work). The knee started to feel better so on Tuesday JC and I decided the best thing to do was get back on the horse and do some running.

We ran around Cranes Roost again but this time we decided to work on my endurance. While we had been running for three or four minutes at a time we decided to up it to five minutes and walk in between for three or four minutes (depending on how quickly I could catch my breath). We managed to repeat that three times!

That is pretty good for me since in five minutes we run a little over a half mile. In total we walked/ran over three and a half miles (by my rough estimation).I definitely felt sore the next day but less discouraged then I had been the week before.

Last night we continued our pattern and took a run around the OCCC’s West Concourse. By running circles around this half-mile long building we were able to stay on sidewalks and cross a minimum amount of automobile traffic.

After a good stretch I could tell that I was going to have a rough run, but I pushed through it. We managed to pull off another three sets of five-minute running and probably totaled about three miles this time. My left knee definitely started to tighten up a bit on me but it is getting better.

The best part about the whole thing (and the reason I’m writing today’s update) is that this morning I woke up sore! Isn’t that great? My ankles and calves are sore! My knees both feel pretty darn good! Very little soreness and none of the pain I had been experiencing.

Encouraging to say the least, but we’ll see how I can manage on Saturday (our next planned run).

Other encouraging things? I touched my toes last night!! Yes, I think it has been since elementary school that I could straight up touch my toes. I also put on my “tight” jorts (jean shorts) and they aren’t tight at all! Luckily I have the khaki shorts that JC got me for Christmas! As recently as last year I had been wearing a size 40 and now it appears a size 36 is a little loose!

3 Responses to “Running…Part Three”

  1. mom March 26, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

    so proud of you

  2. sunshinekmp March 26, 2010 at 8:44 pm #

    Way to go! Good job and keep up the good work. 5k planned yet?


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