Ben Folds and a Piano

18 Mar

On Tuesday night JC and I went to the House of Blues at Downtown Disney to see Ben Folds and a Piano. This was my first time seeing Ben Folds live and I will say up front…it was awesome! We found out about the concert only last week and I drove over to the HOB box office and saved about $10 a ticket in crappy Ticketmaster/Live Nation fees. How can you charge me to use my own paper and ink to print the ticket? But I digress…

Our tickets!

I’ve been a Ben Folds fan since the Ben Folds Five days but in recent years hadn’t heard much of his stuff, luckily JC is a big fan and had much of his recent solo stuff. I had swiped it from her a few months ago to add to my mp3 collection. Don’t worry, I gave her some stuff too!

The concert was very well attended and we got a decent spot (if not for one really tall long haired bandanna wearing guy in front of us). The opening act was Zach Williams (WARNING: His site has some auto-play music). Zach was a very interesting opening act. He has a folksy sound with some very repetitive lyrics. He seemed (and admitted) to be very nervous but didn’t take himself too seriously and had a good time interacting with the crowd. I’m guessing that his bow tie is somewhat of a trademark. I definitely wouldn’t have gone just to see him, but I’ve definitely seen worse openers in my life.

Once Zach’s guitar and his backup’s synthesizer/Mac were removed from stage it left us with exactly what the concert was billed as. Ben Folds and a Piano. A Steinway & Sons piano to be precise (and we must be).

Wait! I lied, and so did the ticket! Ben also had a maraca! He kept it just inside the piano most of the time and used it a few times to hit the microphone. At one point he attempted to put it in his sock to perform some percussion for a song that he couldn’t remember on the piano. It didn’t work and he used it as a “teachable moment.”

Ben Folds and a Piano. Crappy cell phone pic.

For the most part it was just Ben singing and playing the piano, which was awesome. I found myself just staring at his fingers. Just amazing! I’m not sure what any classically trained pianists would say about his style. He does use his palms and forearms quite a bit, which I don’t think is “classical” nor “traditional” but it works for him.

Ben Folds talking to us. Crappy cell phone pic.

Ben played an array of songs going back to the Ben Folds Five days to a couple songs that are on his upcoming album. Speaking of that album, I LOVE his new song about Sarah Palin‘s Grand-Baby Daddy. Yes, I speak of the “Levi Johnston Blues” (NSFW lyrics. I will go ahead and put out there that all of the songs could have the occasional curse word and could be considered NSFW)

Other favorites of mine that he played were Rockin’ the Suburbs (video  includes Weird Al cameo), Kate, Effington, Jesusland and You Don’t Know Me (video features Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and a really quick cameo by Josh Groban). Since You Don’t Know Me was originally done with Regina Spektor Ben asked the audience to fill in on her part and we did!

During a couple songs, including his finale Not The Same, Ben taught the audience some parts and directed us! It was pretty interesting if not the best group singing in the world.

JC and I in the crowd before the show! Crappy cell phone pic.

Overall I thought the concert was amazing and I think JC enjoyed herself also. If Ben Folds swings through Orlando again I’ll definitely be checking it out. Maybe I could get a dream concert of Ben Folds and Weird Al??? But who would open???

In an interesting twist of synergy in this crazy world of ours, while working on this blog entry I went to the restroom at work and Ben Folds Time was playing on Muzak!

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