Alice in Wonderland in ETX 3D Review

17 Mar

Over a week ago the family, JC and I went to see Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland in ETX 3D. What is ETX? Well, it is AMC’s attempt at an IMAX killer. It’s a 20% larger screen with extra audio channels and power, just like IMAX. The main difference? AMC doesn’t have to pay IMAX licensing fees. The screen was big and the audio was good. Is it worth the extra coin to go to it? That will depend on what movie you see it in.

Alice in Wonderland was the first movie shown on the first ETX screen in the world! Pleasure Island (why do they still call it that?) is where the screen is and where we saw it.

Alice in Wonderland on the other hand was worth every penny and I’ve been meaning to sit down and blog about it since that night. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way and I’ve gotten behind.

Tim Burton was brought in by Disney to re-imagine this classic story. The movie doesn’t take place at the same point in time that the original story does. Burton brings his Alice (Mia Wasikowska) to Wonderland years later in a point of time that has seen Wonderland go through bad times. The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) has taken control and ruled it with an iron fist. Her sister, The White Queen (Anne Hathaway) has been stuck in her castle awaiting a great champion to fight the Red Queen’s Jabberwocky.

The Jabberwocky is a monster that comes from a poem of nonsense verse originally found in Lewis Carrol’s Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. The sequel to the original book.

After Alice falls through the rabbit hole and goes on a journey to discover exactly who she is both in real life and in Wonderland. She of course meets up with The Mad Hatter ( Johnny Depp) who plays a major role in the movie and in the final fight scene. He is also heard to be “mumbling nonsense” while they walk, when in fact he is reciting the Jabberwocky poem.

Overall the movie is great. I like the direction of the story and Burton’s visuals are amazing as always. Johnny Depp is predictable in his portrayal, but it fit the character in my opinion. Carter’s Red Queen is hilarious. I loved the line “I need a pig here!” Newcomer Wasikowska was a believable grown Alice and Hathaway played a wonderfully airy White Queen.

I never felt a lull in the movie and Burton’s Wonderland was a great treat on the eyes. Even the credits had a very cool visual going on. I would definitely recommend this movie and will be adding it to my collection once it is out on DVD!

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