The Princess and the Frog Review

23 Dec

Didn’t get to see it on opening weekend, but last night JC and I were able to squeeze in a viewing of Disney’s newest princess movie. “The Princess and the Frog.”


The movie is your average Disney formulaic princess movie. This time it includes a ::GASP:: black princess. I saw all over the news and internet world about this and most people were asking why it took so long.  I’m not sure why it took Disney so long. But you shouldn’t be claiming that this is racist. Disney has been adding “ethnic” princesses for years. I’m sure they were just looking for the right story to tell. They have an Asian princess in Mulan, a Native American princess in Pocahontas,  a middle eastern princess in Jasmine and a mermaid princess in Ariel. I think they have been pretty well-rounded and have now finished off their Princess lineup…for now.

The movie was very good. Everyone in the world knows EXACTLY how this story ends. Disney does throw in their normal twists and turns and even a tear jerking moment (at least for me). I enjoyed the music, which had a lot of New Orleans flair. The music and characters met expectations for me on the characters you would find in New Orleans. You’ve got the rich white southern folks alongside the not so rich African-Americans. You even had some good old un-understandable Creole folks. Lots of Jazz and Zydeco music being played in bars, street corners and even on a big old river boat.

The river boat is meant to look like Disney’s own Riverboats (at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom). Which perfectly lines up for Tiana’s new Riverboat show at both parks! Even before the movie was out you could go meet Tiana and see her show. I haven’t seen it yet, but the movie was good enough that I wouldn’t mind catching the show, mainly for the music.

So I haven’t said much about the actual plot or story. That’s because you should know it already. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go see it. In fact, I think you should! Go see this movie. It harkens back to the classic Disney princess movies. There also some hidden gems ALL OVER the movie that are little shout-outs to all of the old Disney classic animation movies.

Welcome back Disney Classic animation! While I LOVE Pixar (or Disney-Pixar) I also enjoy some good old classic animation. I’m sure Toy Story 3D will do much better in the theaters, but I hope Disney keeps on cranking out both!

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