Christmas Present!

19 Dec

So, for Christmas this year I pretty much only asked for one thing. A new laptop.

My personal laptop that I used at work finally bit the dust. It was an old (cheap) used Dell that had slowly begun to die. The screen had lost a large area on the right and it was still running Windows 2K (yes, 2k!). One day I went to turn it on and it just didn’t work. The hard drive had gone to that giant server room in the sky…or something like that.

So, my parents are amazing. Straight up! AMAZING! The reason I’m able to start blogging again (and surf any internet at work) is that they have given me an early birthday present. A Toshiba Satellite A505!

The Logo

It is a 16 inch amazingly crisp screen. Harman/Kardon speakers for some good rocking out (probably the best Laptop speakers I’ve ever heard!). 4gb RAM, 400GB Hard drive, yadda yadda yadda. It is AMAZING. I just LOVE IT!

One of its best features is Windows 7 Home Premium. I was definitely on the fence with Windows 7. I never upgraded to Windows 6 Vista because I liked XP so much (and that most of my accessories would not work with Vista at first). So far I have not found anything in Windows 7 that I don’t like. The “Aero Interface” is pretty darn cool. All of the windows are slightly transparent (and that is adjustable) and the windows open and close like they grow/shrink from state to state.

But the part of the interface that I absolutely love is the taskbar. The “pinned” programs also become the “tabs” for open windows. So you don’t have a button on the left for Mozilla Firefox and then a tab for an open Firefox window. Also, when you hover over the button it shows a small thumbnail of the open windows! LIVE! So if you have a YouTube video running in a Window and hover over its button you can see the video running in the thumbnail! It just blows me away how cool that is.

Overall the computer is amazingly fast. It boots up in record time. It doesn’t hang up when I open two browser windows with three or more tabs so that I can write a blog post (literally, I do this). I have yet to find ANY programs not run on Windows 7. I of course have my Firefox, Pidgin, Thunderbird and OpenOffice all running without any hiccups.

Yes, that is right. The four programs I use more than ANY OTHERS are all FREE!!!! I’m a genius!

So since I opened my present early, I will be opening an empty box on Christmas Eve, but that is ok. I’m beyond thankful for everything I have, but most of all, my family. They are the reason I’m here!

2 Responses to “Christmas Present!”

  1. Kati December 19, 2009 at 9:21 am #

    Good job Mr and Mrs O! We all know he is VERY happy with the new computer!

    PS-I like the part-“The hard drive had gone to that giant server room in the sky” 🙂


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