Making Smiles on Faces Award

12 Dec

I’m not even back blogging a week and I get an award! I must be the best writer EVER!

Ok, so maybe not but I’m glad to be recognized by someone!!! Check out my good friend Kati’s blog here. In order to accept this award, I must tell you five random things about myself.

So, here…we…go!

  1. I’m a secret romantic. I really try to do something romantic for my sweetie at least once a week. Most of the time they are small things like writing a note and hiding it in her bag. Sometimes bigger, like putting post-it notes with hearts and lovely words all over her apartment while she is gone.
  2. I like chick flicks. I also like action movies and comedies (especially dark comedies). But I like a good romantic everyone is happy at the end chick flick.
  3. I have a really hard time writing about myself. I mean, I can write about things I do (trips, cooking, etc) but when it comes to just writing about me? It takes me hours. This post for example…
  4. I love Disney World. Just like a little kid I love the place. I ride all the rides (except that Pooh abomination) and even enjoy the shows. My favorite thing to do at Disney World is to look for Hidden Mickeys! They are everywhere, but sometimes hard to find!
  5. I bought my first Build-a-Bear this week.

I’m going to tag Jessica because her family makes me smile.


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