WDW Space Mountain Redo or ReDUD!

10 Dec

Some of you may know that WDW  shut down its version of Space Mountain for a refurbishment in 2009.

It was closed!

This led to rampant rumors that WDW would FINALLY  get an upgrade to the track and ride so that it was similar to the new Space Mountain in California. Again, Floridian Disney fans got screwed again…

The refurbishment was small and the highlights include games in the line (though both times we rode it Monday morning we didn’t stop long enough to actually play the games). The first time we walked by so fast that the games didn’t start the entire time we walked by the 50 screens. The second time we saw the last few seconds of a game…but again, we were walking. Am I  supposed to stop and slow down the whole line to play??

Soarin’ has games in its queue. And they work because the Soarin’ line stops for long periods of  time. Long enough to play a couple different games during your wait. The Space Mountain line doesn’t stop long enough for a game (unless the ride goes down of course).

The next “major” improvement is a roof over the load station. This was to cut down on “light pollution” to make the ride darker, which it does. But there is still enough light from the star projections so that you can see the track rather well.

Next up, gates! Yup, they put gates in the loading areas so that small children can’t dive onto the track in front of a moving train. I guess that safety is good, but survival of the fittest wasn’t a bad thing for millions of years…I’m just saying!

Overall, Space Mountain is the same ride. No onboard audio system (rumored). No new track (rumored). It is still a custom Wild Maus type ride inside. I tweeted (@d0d0joe) that Disney missed a major opportunity to build Orlando’s first Hypercoaster. But that was a joke, they really missed an opportunity to update an old ride. The other four Space Mountains are all more modern rides. Magic Kingdom has the original, and should have the best!

I still enjoy the ride for the nostalgia (the cookies floating in space for example are still there) but overall they had it closed for a really long time to do NOTHING to the ride! Oh yea, and they changed the narration on the People Mover (TTA) and it sucks too! Bring back Mr. Morrow, Tom Morrow!


One Response to “WDW Space Mountain Redo or ReDUD!”

  1. sunshinekmp December 10, 2009 at 10:10 am #

    It is a bummer that the changes weren’t more drastic. Oh well.

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