The Roller Coaster Trip Was Amazing!!!

9 Dec

The Roller Coaster Trio!

The trip was months ago, but it was amazing! Cedar Point won best park of the trip, but Six Flags Over Georgia and Kings Island were both great too! All the parks confirmed the need for a Hypercoaster to be built in Orlando. After being disappointed by Space Mountain’s lame refurbishment at WDW I tweeted (yea, I do that now) that they missed a great opportunity to build the first indoor Hyper!

One of the highlights of the trip was Busch Gardens Williamsburg and their Roller Coaster behind the scenes tour. Not only did we get a lot of exclusive ride time, but getting to go behind the scenes at three different coasters was really cool. I also learned that one of my first (possible THE first) coaster I ever rode was in pieces in Williamsburg. Busch Gardens Tampa’s Python (torn down for the new Jungala area) was torn apart for parts to be used on Loch Ness Monster.

The tour also allowed us to ride on Big Bad Wolf. This is special because that ride is currently being torn down.

Torn down after celebrating an anniversary...sad

We also got to go to the TOP of Griffon!

It is a LONG way down

Wow, just wow!

Here we are riding Loch Ness Monster

The photographer came with the tour and took whatever pics we asked for!

Here is gnome Mickey (Christmas Present) posing in front of Kings Island’s Eiffel Tower replica!

Gnome Mickey enjoyed the tour too!

I have MANY MANY MANY more pictures that I just don’t have the time to dig through. I’m so blessed to have such great women in my life, and traveling across the country to ride roller coasters with them was AMAZING!

We rode steel coasters, woodies, inverted, Hypers, a giga, launched coasters and even kiddie coasters!

This trip had my first ever ride on an Inverted Kiddie coaster!


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