The Vacation: Kings Island

27 Jul

Today we will be visiting park two of our trip!

You may remember that we planned on going to Kings Island on the way home from Cedar Point last year, but when plans changed, Kings Island was dropped.

That actually worked out since it made it a must see this year, and this year they opened a new coaster that looks amazing! DIAMONDBACK!

Diamondback is so amazing, it has its own website!

Another ride I’m looking forward to is Invertigo. In this ride, you sit facing other riders and go forward and backward! Something I’ve never experienced, so it should be fun!

This park is owned and operated by Cedar Fair (who also own Cedar Point) so it should be a good day of roller coaster-ing! This is another park that I’ve never visited before, so it will be great!

One ride that I will be dissappointed with missing is Son of Beast. The ride is closed because someone got hurt or something on it this year. This ride was also recently neutered! It used to be the only wooden coaster with an inversion! They removed that after an accident however.

The Beast, which is the world’s longest coaster (7,400 feet!), should be operating and will be a blast! Over seven thousand feet of teeth rattling fun!! WOO HOOO.

Tomorrow we will leave Cincinnati and head towards Sandusky! Cedar Point here we come!


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