The Vacation: Six Flags Over Georgia

25 Jul

If you read yesterday, you know that today is the first day of my trip and we are spending the day at Six Flags Over Georgia! Amazingly, this will be my FIRST EVER trip to a Six Flags theme park!

Since I grew up in Orlando, spending summers visiting Busch Gardens, Sea World, Universal Studios and, of course, Disney was the norm, but I know for much of the country Six Flags is their local park. For me, the closest one has always been up near Atlanta and there really wasn’t anything to draw me all the way up there when I had parks so close.

Stolen pic of the entrance

Stolen pic of the entrance

As I told you yesterday, we are driving straight up to the park for park opening!

We will at some point during the afternoon check into our hotel for the night, but first, ROLLER COASTERS!!!

Rides I am looking forward to include:

Batman: The Ride


and more of course. SFOG also has a stand-up coaster (remember I HATED Mantis at Cedar Point) and they have an older flyer (remember I LOVE Manta at Sea World). This park should be a fun day of new coasters! Every ride will be a new credit in my book (no I don’t actually keep track of my credits like some enthusiasts).

Tomorrow will be a drive day up to Cincinnati for Kings Island!


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