Congratulations Orlando Magic!!!

31 May

Your 2009 Eastern Conference Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to apologize to the fans in Cleveland for having some of the worst sports teams ever. However, they at least don’t have to drive hours to see NFL games like we do in Orlando.

I really think the Magic have a chance, I mean, Kobe will probably be distracted filming commercials or another ESPN/Spike Lee documentary during the series. Nike should come out with a new puppet commercial starring Lebron watching a Yankees game or something!

However, the BIG winner last night was NOT Dwight Howard or the Orlando Magic. It was the 2010 Brooklyn Nets. A new massive stadium/entertainment complex being built and a super star Hip Hop/Rapper owner will have Lebron now. Had he won in his home town he probably would have stayed, but now that he has seen that it is impossible to win in Cleveland, he will be in New York soon!

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