Hardee’s Six Dollar Thickburger

29 May

I know that this isn’t brand new, it has just returned. “Back by popular demand” they say is The Six Dollar Thickburger and I decided that since I have a blog, I would write about it.

The reasoning behind the name is that the burger is soooo good that you would be willing to pay six dollars for it, but its only $3.99! What a deal! First problem I have with this marketing is the fact that if you are buying this burger, you are probably going to do what I did and buy the combo. The price of the combo? About six bucks!

Anyways…here it is:



What I will say about the burger is that it is pretty good. Hardee’s serves their burgers with those nifty little napkin wraps to help keep it clean, but I always end up eating the paper, so I  take it off. Here is an open burger shot:



A large patty with some fresh crisp vegetable toppings. The burger is overdone of course, but that is for my protection I know. I would prefer to risk illness and get these big juicy Angus beef burgers medium rare, maybe even medium, but overdone they are.

I mentioned the toppings, because they really are good for fast food toppings, but I don’t think they use different toppings for the “six dollar thickburger.”

I guess I thought I would have more to say, it was a good fast food burger. I love Hardee’s fries and this meal was way too much and a diet killer but I have a conclusion…I guess

Would I pay six dollars for just the burger? No, I wouldn’t, but it is good value for $3.99 I think. You can get a $1 off coupon on Hardee’s website, but be warned, Padma is going to start talking to you!


2 Responses to “Hardee’s Six Dollar Thickburger”

  1. dee May 29, 2009 at 7:42 am #

    Its 7 in the morning and those fries look good!

  2. Georgia Dawn May 29, 2009 at 11:30 am #

    um…….excuse me…..we call it Carls Jr. out here……not Hardees 😀

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