Red Bull Cola

26 May

Yes, Red Bull is now making a cola! Makes sense since all the major cola makers are making energy drinks to compete with Red Bull. I decided that once I could find it near my house that I would buy some and check it out!



I’m not sure if you can tell, but these are 12 ounce soda cans, but they are tall and skinny like their Red Bull Energy Drink brothers.

Tall and Skinny

Tall and Skinny

As you can see on the packaging it is “Strong & Natural.” Being made by the makers of Red Bull you can expect this to be a strong soda. No, it doesn’t taste anything like the energy drink.

The pour

The pour

The Red Bull Cola has an unusually thick head when poured. It actually makes it a little difficult to pour as you have to wait for the head to settle down a little before you can finish the can.

As the can says, Red Bull Cola is strong. It has a much stronger, maybe even sharper cola taste than your average Pepsi or Coca-Cola product. This is good and bad. I think that it is a refreshing change from normal sodas, but I also think that it is too strong to pair with most food. So this wouldn’t be the best thing to be drinking with dinner, but as a nice glass every once in a while, it will be great. You also won’t find me drinking three of four of these in a days, I think my tongue might fall off.

Also, at my local Target the 4-pack sold for $5, which is more than Coke’s 12-packs! Definitely need to see the price come down before I begin stocking this in my fridge!!!


One Response to “Red Bull Cola”

  1. dee May 26, 2009 at 7:26 am #

    Does it still have caffeine in it? If so they may have created it for people who cannot stand the flavor of regular red bull!

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