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American Idol pisses me off…

20 May

So American Idol was on last night…If I wanted to hear semi talented “pretty” people sing bad karaoke I would go to Big Daddy’s. At least at Big Daddy’s I wouldn’t have to listen to three judges wax on about how great they are. What? There are FOUR fucking judges now??? Why? What does the new judge judge? They are singing karaoke…really…it is just karaoke people.

Anyways, last night was the premiere of Fox’s newest show “Glee.” Unfortunately, American Idol went a bit over, so my DVR recorded about 5 minutes of the damn show. Glee was much anticipated by me, and I was going to write about it this morning. I even found out that my old high school friend Ben Bledsoe was in the show! But NO! American Idol had to run over.

And no, I wasn’t home last night, so I was unable to just watch it/adjust my DVR to catch the show. I was having a wonderful time watching a Middle School Choir concert and their SUPER HOT teacher! 😉

I still plan on finding the show online (thank God for Hulu!) and reviewing it on my blog soon. I mean, American Idol is going to be over soon? Right? I mean, does anyone actually still watch that crap?