Adventures in Home Improvement!

8 Apr

No, not the TV show starring Tim Allen! REAL home improvement! For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you have probably already seen most of these photos, but since they were such a hit there I decided to blog about it!

I have spent the last two days on home improvement projects around my house. I’ve been here nearly two years, so it was about time to do something. My mom has been on my ass since I moved in that I shouldn’t just have all white walls. I finally decided on a color called “Milky Way” from Olympic Paints and painted my “accent wall:”

Freshly painted

Freshly painted

Part of the inspiration for the color comes from my nifty new painting purchased for $49 from the fake Orlando Home Show!

Painting=level. Joes head=not level

Painting=level. Joe's head=not level

Two coats went really well and got me pumped to do another small project, getting a new toilet seat! Here is my old, ugly, busted up, mis-matched one:

It is hard to tell, but the seat doesnt match the color of the toilet...

It is hard to tell, but the seat doesn't match the color of the toilet...

So I guessed and purchased one that was “bone” colored:

Nifty eh?

Nifty eh?

In addition to matching the color EXACTLY, this seat has FOUR bumpers for maximum stability and comfort under my fat ass. It also has “everclean” technology which prevents stains and bacteria to grow!

After posting this photo on Facebook, I realized something. The old, crappy looking handle doesn’t match the hinges (not shown above). So I went ahead and dropped $2 on a new handle:



The above improvements were easy and quick and completely optional. Nothing was telling me that I HAD to do any of it and when I was sitting back feeling good about myself last night was when life giggled at me. While I was getting ready for bed I heard a weird “pop” and then smelt the tell tale sign of electrical smoke. I hopped over to my circuit breakers (which are in my room) but nothing was tripped. Then I noticed that my fan was slowing. The motor in my room’s ceiling fan had gone.

Being that my house is wired so ONE breaker (no switch) control EVERYTHING in the master bedroom and bathroom I had to get up in the ceiling to make sure the power was disconnected and it was safe/not on fire!

Here is my old dead fan from Hampton Bay:

A bit dusty...

A bit dusty...

I did some googling and found out that Hampton Bay is actually a Home Depot company and that they all come with a “Lifetime Warranty.” Kick ass! I called up their 800 number to find out that their definition of “Lifetime” and mine are quite different. From what I could get from the people on the phone, Home Depot offers a 60 day return policy and if the fan outlives that policy its lifetime is done. Now this fan is between 10 and 15 years old, so I’m not that surprised that they won’t replace it.

I did some shopping and decided that for my taste this nifty new fan (for $99 at Home Depot) would do the trick:

Nice box...

Nice box...

If you can read the box it says it is a “Five Minute Fan.” It should take five minutes to install (not including the time it takes to install the ceiling mount apparently). I’m not too proud to say that it took me WAY more than five minutes. But I got it done! The box also says that it includes two CFL bulbs! Yay for less energy use!

Look at that!

Look at that!

The blades are reversible, but the lighter wood goes better with my bedroom set. And yes, it all works:



So I’ve been pretty manly the last couple of days eh? Tomorrow it is back to work and I’ll take a nice break before I paint the rest of the living room!


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