Arby’s Roastburger

4 Apr

The burger done better…really? Arby’s says so, but what do I think?

So I’ve been seeing the commercials and driving by the stores and thinking, why are they just taking and Arby’s roast beef and calling it a burger? I finally decided after donating platelets and plasma today to stop in. Also going in to my decision to stop was the fact that I was lightheaded and needed some quick sustenance in to my body to keep me going.

When I got to Arby’s I found that they had three versions of the “Roastburger.” The All American, bacon cheddar and the bacon and bleu. I chose the bacon and bleu because I love me some bleu cheese. The bacon cheddar is pretty self explanatory and the All American is just lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, ketchup and “special sauce.”

In its box

In its box

First thing I noticed is that it came in a box, while most Arby’s sandwiches come in wrappers. Is this any better? I like the box because the sandwich always ends up on the bottom and this helps protect the bun, which was the second thing I noticed. This is not Arby’s regular sesame seeded bun.

The pictures on Arbys website look a heck of a lot better than this...

The pictures on Arby's website look a heck of a lot better than this...

Where to start with this? First off, that brown area in the center is the seasoning that they are using to differentiate this from a standard roast beef. It is the same beef, but by adding this flavoring it is supposed to elevate the Arby’s roast beef to be a “better burger.” On their website’s flash animation you will see them nicely dust the beef evenly with the seasoning, obvious my Arby’s didn’t see that video. Second, those two “slices” of bacon are a disgrace. It really looks like half a slice of bacon cut in half and placed on the burger. There isn’t any more. That is it, I looked. Finally, the white substance was disappointing. When I see the word “bleu” I think of good bleu cheese. This was a think gooey sauce that had a hint of blue cheese flavor, but no chunks or texture that would lead me to believe it actually contained bleu cheese.

The meal in all its glory

The "meal" in all its glory

So what did I think? I think that they really should drop the “burger” name. It doesn’t taste like a hamburger at all, let alone a good hamburger. I’ve had good hamburgers, I like to think I can grill myself up a mean burger. This is a premium roast beef sandwich, and I think they should market it as such. The bacon and bleu cheese sauce was actually a good combination of flavors with the roast beef. The bun was better than expected. A nice crisp outer shell with a soft fluffy inside that held the “burger” together very well. I am a fan of the sesame seeds, so I kinda missed those from a regular Arby’s roast beef.

This whole marketing campaign is flawed. They are trying to say that thin sliced roast beef tastes similar to some ground chuck. They don’t. Yes, they come off of the same animal, but not all beef tastes the same. I mean, does bacon taste the same as ham? Next they are going to slice up some good cows tongue and compare it to a fillet.

Overall I did enjoy the sandwich but I don’t think I would continue to pay the premium price when a standard Arby’s roast beef with some Arby’s Sauce and Horsey Sauce (I love that Wikipedia redirects Horsey Sauce to this) on it is one of God’s most perfect processed foods! My recommendation to Arby’s is to drop the burger campaign and just market these as “premium” roast beef sandwiches. I also think that if they really wanted some “premium” sandwiches that they should use beef that is cut a little thicker. That would be good.


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  1. infijess April 6, 2009 at 2:22 am #

    I love that plate!


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