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Paula Deen is Trying to Kill Us…

30 Apr

Just listen to this text to speech video about it:

Yes, fried mac and cheese wrapped in bacon…….Also check out Serious Eats’ special series Paula Deen is Trying to Kill Us Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6! #6 is my favorite! Ham and banana casserole!

Wii Fit Week Fourteen!

28 Apr

I’m sure you thought I forgot about this didn’t ya? Nope, just decided that FREE chicken was more important.

So, not only did this week mark my fourteenth full week of using Wii Fit to lose weight, Monday was a special day:



This, of course, was not my 100th day working out, just 100 TOTAL days since I first powered up my Wii Fit!

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FREE KFC UnFried Chicken TODAY!

27 Apr

Remember just the other day I told you about KFC’s new grilled chicken??? Well, now you can go try some!

KFC is giving EVERYONE one free piece of the UnFried chicken at their restaraunts NATIONWIDE today!!! Go get some!!!

Details and locations at

Quick Post

26 Apr

Sorry about the lack of a real post today. My mind has been elsewhere and don’t really want to discuss some of those issues here, so I have had a hard time coming up with things to write about.

On Thursday my new karaoke friend Sasha hooked me up with a free ticket (and great seats) to a sneak preview of the best movie ever. Yes, Star Trek!

All I will say today is that the movie is AWESOME!

I plan on writing a review that I will post on opening weekend. I also plan on seeing this movie again opening weekend, possibly in IMAX! May 8th! Mark your calanders!!!

Blue Cheese Meat Loaves with Buffalo Sauce

25 Apr

Yes! A cooking post! I found this in one of those grocery store checkout line cookbooks. It is from the ground beef side of Pillsbury budget recipes. This recipe makes large meatballs and uses the popular wing sauce/blue cheese flavor profile. The recipe only has 4 steps!

I love cookbook pictures!

I love cookbook pictures!

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Kentucky (Un)Fried Chicken

23 Apr

If you have been watching television recently you may have noticed that Kentucky Fried Chicken is doing something different. Grilled chicken. I know that they have had a grilled chicken breast sandwich for about a year, but this is actually buckets of grilled chicken. Grilled chicken breasts, thighs and legs. An interesting thought, but one I’m sure they are doing to try to lure the millions of us trying to be healthy!

I must preface this review with the fact that I HATE my local KFC/Taco Bell. It is literally the slowest fast food restaurant on the face of the Earth. It can take 20 minutes to get your order and then there is absolutely no guarantee it will be correct. Today I went in a for a late lunch hoping there would be no other customers and that would allow them to serve me in a “fast” time. I was right. It was sad to see that with no one in the drive-thru and me being the only one in line that it took them five minutes and five different people were involved in my meal. Check past the break for the taste test:

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The Unusual(s) Recap on The Disney Blog

22 Apr

Apparently last week’s recap went well enough for me to continue! This week ABC is airing TWO new episodes of The Unusuals, so I will have two posts about them! If you missed last night’s episode because it wasn’t supposed to be on, check out today’s recap here.

The Unusuals will also be on tonight in its normal time slot (10 eastern) so check The Disney Blog tomorrow morning for Episode 4’s recap!


21 Apr

Today is Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day!!! Isn’t that awesome? Free ice cream in a cone at your local Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop between 12pm and 8pm! Not sure if you have a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop near you? Enter you Zip code here and find one!

You know I’ll be stopping by The Loop for that one! I hope to see you there!

Wii Fit Week Thirteen!

20 Apr

Sorry for the late post today…My schedule was crazy over the weekend and I was unable to do my Wii Fit on Sunday. So once I woke up today on my day off I took my body test and took some pictures for you!

If you are new, I just completed my thirteenth week with Wii Fit and am trying to not be fat anymore. I also have been eating/cooking healthier and so far I am pleased with the results! You can review my progress in my past posts: Day One, Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four, Week Five, Week Six, Week Seven, Week Eight, Week Eleven and Week Twelve.

It has already been a long process, 93 days! I haven’t been good enough to work out EVERY one of those days, but I’m doing pretty good! Week Thirteen was especially decent:

Go me!

Go me!

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“One Week”

19 Apr

I just ran across this awesome parody of BNL’s “One Week” by College Humor…check it out:

I also love this College Humor video about learning to play the guitar…but its not on YouTube so I couldn’t embed it. So just click the link. The last part of this video is classic and a perfect example of my life!