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30 Mar
Hilarious photo found on Photobucket!

Hilarious photo found on Photobucket!

Yes, Easter is right around the corner! I will be eating with my family at Buca di Beppo (be jealous, be very jealous!) but one thing that I have always been amazed at Easter time is the Peep! What in the world is a peep? Why do we eat baby birds on Easter anyways? What is that made of?

Well, the Chicago Tribune went inside the plant! Check out the pictures here!

Picture number 5 seems like an army of doom preparing to attack!


29 Mar

Last night Rob and I had some Chinese take-out. I had some wonderful Sesame Chicken. As always we received some fortune cookies with our dinner!

We each ordered one meal, so we go a total of four fortune cookies! My two fortunes were thought provoking, if only because one has some major grammar and/or spelling problems.

The first one, which prompted me to ask someone something which was quickly, but nicely, denied (ok, I can’t really blame the fortune cookie):

Good things are being said about you.

The second one is where I think some Chinese to English translation was missed:

Nothing happines unless first a dream.

I did not misspell happiness, they did! And I’m actually wondering if they meant happens and misspelled that. Happens grammatically makes more sense.

Yes, these are the things I think about while laying in bed at night!

Ghost Town DVD Review

28 Mar


The other night I went over to my parents house where mom and I watched Ghost Town on DVD. I remember seeing the previews for Ghost Town and wanting to see it, but 2008 was a busy movie year so I never did. Mom added it to her Netflix queue and the next thing we knew, we had it!

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Sake by SakeOne

26 Mar

As I’ve told you before I enjoy and its sister sites. I’ve purchased many a shirt from Shirt.Woot and gadgets from Woot! What I have never written about is the fact that I have also purchased my fix of wine from Wine.Woot!

The booty!

The booty!

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You’ve got to be kidding me!

25 Mar

When Guitar Hero first came out, I thought it was rather lame. Small plastic controllers with brightly colored buttons that didn’t actually correspond to the notes you were playing. I’ll admit that I own a Guitar Hero game and I do enjoy it. I’ve also had plenty of fun times with Rob and his new Guitar Hero World Tour (the one with the full band).

Do I feel like I’m playing the songs? No, not at all. I actually play (well I haven’t in a while) bass guitar and it is nothing like playing with those plastic controllers. But I accept that it is funny. However, Activision has just launched a teaser site for their next game: DJ Hero.

Yea, DJ Hero, as in a Disc Jockey. Those people that scratch up and use OTHER peoples music to make their own music. Does that mean I’ll be using a plastic controller to try to be a DJ, trying to make music out of someone elses music!?! It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Activision is again teaming up with Red Octane, the company that brought you Guitar Hero III and World Tour, NOT the people who brought you the original Guitar Hero games. They now make Rock Band!

Funny Picture Sites

24 Mar

I have noticed recently a proliferation of funny picture sites. You know, like LOLCats and FailBlog (which happen to be some of my favorites). There are so many of these that my sister has even been emailing them to me, apparently in an attempt to get mentioned on my blog.

Well, she did it. She sent me a link to Word To Your…, as in Word To Your Mother. Their banner even includes a look a like to Vanilla Ice! I found myself LOLing at many of the pictures. My favorite so far is this one.

Since she really wanted to be mentioned I decided I would use this space to congratulate her and her husband Charlie on their brand new foster baby Hailey Elle:

My sis, Hailey and my brother in-law Charlie

My sis, Hailey and my brother in-law Charlie

My sis, little Hailey and my brother

My sis, little Hailey and my brother

Can’t you see the family resemblance?

Also, if you happen to live in the Seattle area, so does my sister! Maybe you could use a photographer? Silverspoon Photography is my sister’s company! Check out her awesome pics! They make my flower and garden photos look pretty shitty eh? Also, check out my sister’s kick ass tattoo at the bottom of that page. I think I should get a spork on my forearm!

I Love You, Man Review

23 Mar

I know today should be a Wii Fit update, but I haven’t had a chance to take some pictures. So I’m going to skip a week and continue on.

On Friday night my good friend and roommate Rob and I went on a “Man Date.” At least that’s what all my female friends have said it was. We had dinner at Red Brick Pizza at The Loop before catching a movie. First off, Red Brick Pizza, they have the potential to make REALLY good pizza, but it was just WAY too greasy again. The last few times I’ve been there the pizzas come out of the oven with at least 4 or 5 tablespoons of oily mess on top. It really wrecks the pizza. Anyways, on to the movie.

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Les Chefs de France With a Special Guest!

22 Mar

On Thursday mom and I spent the day at EPCOT’s International Flower & Garden Festival and we had lunch in France! We ate at the amazing Les Chefs de France. I’m going to start out by saying that the food was amazing. Disney really does food right in these type restaurants. If you stick to the quick service kiosks and tray service you may think Disney food sucks, but if you take the time (and a couple extra dollars) to sit down and eat you’ll be blown away. Quick warning though, these places are pretty much reservation only (especially the popular ones). You can normally get reservations for the day towards the front of the park at Guest Services (under Spaceship Earth to the left at EPCOT and in City Hall at Magic Kingdom).

I had read about it in advance, so we HAD to check out Les Chefs de France’s new Special Guest, REMY!

Life sized and REALLY cute!

Life sized and REALLY cute!

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EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival 2009

21 Mar

On Thursday mom and I went to the 2009 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival and just like last year, I took LOTS of photos! For whatever reason the day we went EPCOT was PACKED! I’ve never seen over an hour wait for Spaceship Earth before and I would never wait that long for that ride, but people were doing it!

I am going to start out with something that I found at the festival, but not necessarily related to it. A while back I went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios by myself and I saw a guy wearing an awesome hat. It was white with Donald’s feet sticking out of the top. So its similar to the Mickey ears but Donald always ends up upside down. I checked the shops and nothing. I talked to some friends, cast members, former cast members and everyone told me they had never seen nor heard of such a thing. I searched all over Downtown Disney and all over Magic Kingdom’s gift shops. At this point my mom thinks I’m crazy! While walking around EPCOT in the afternoon we passed the gift shop on the bridge between Future World and The World Showcase and this guy was trying it on. I saw it at a distance and bolted. Looking through this hat shop and NOTHING, only the one that the guy had put back on the counter. Mom is calling me crazy (because she still hadn’t seen it). FINALLY the guy leaves and I grab it and say I want it.

The girl laughs because they had JUST gotten a bag of these hats and she had just started putting tags on them. The other cashier had never even seen it before. Best part, the “novelty” hats were all 20% off, so now I have it!

The hat!

The hat!

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Archer Farms Morrocan Inspired Apricot Currant

20 Mar

Tonight I made Moroccan Inspired Apricot Currant Whole Wheat Couscous & Chicken Entree. I picked this up at Target and decided to try it out for my readers. It is a “meal in a box” from Archer Farms (Target’s brand).

Last week Target had a 15% clearance on all of their Archer Farms items, so I thought to give it a go. It was marked at $5.99 plus had 15% off! Definitely worth a try for what gave me dinner plus lunch the next day. So how was it?

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