Bud & BBQ With Miranda Lambert

24 Feb

I must start out by admitting that I was not really looking forward to this concert. My mom REALLY wanted to go, so I was going to tag along. Miranda Lambert is not exactly my idea of great music. I’d heard of a few of her songs like “Gun Powder and Lead” and “Kerosene” and while they aren’t horrible, they didn’t make me move really.

I also wasn’t terribly excited about standing in a crowd eating over priced BBQ and drinking watered down beer. Things took a turn for the better the moment we paid for parking. Ok, we don’t pay for parking because we are pass-holders, but you still have to stop at the toll booth. The nice lady at the toll booth handed us a flyer, like they do every time. This time however it was different, it would change our day significantly…

The flyer was for the Bud & BBQ (big surprise) and on the front showed the pictures of the four acts performing this month, but on the back told of a VIP pass that I had not heard of. I had looked all over BudandBBQ.com looking for any information I could find, in case mom asked about it (like she does). It wasn’t there.

So I read on, the flyer said that for $28.95 a person you get a VIP area with an all you care to eat BBQ buffet and covered seating. It also said you would get a “priority seating section” for the concert. I assumed this would be off to the side (where the eating area was). I assumed incorrectly.

After we sat down with our Bud & BBQ (like what I did there) at the picnic tables on house right I commented how it was a nice place to see the whole stage without having to be in the middle of the huge crowd, that is when our new friend (who got me an extra beer) told us there was a section up front. Sure enough there was a small section directly dead center in front of the stage reserved just for us. Apparently they only sell one hundred tickets and we had them.

I was floored. Front row, dead center seats for a pretty popular country artist. We were so close that I’m pretty sure I made eye contact with Miranda at least once.

I actually really enjoyed the concert. Her band was awesome and she has an amazing stage presence. They really know how to put on a good show.

Here is the stage from our VIP eating area:

Where I thought I would be seeing the concert from...

Where I thought I would be seeing the concert from...

Since I’m a roller coaster freak, here is a shot of Gwazi’s Tiger running from our VIP eating area:

I wish they were running both sides together for a better photo...

I wish they were running both sides together for a better photo...

Required self photo shot of me sitting in the front row about 35 minutes before the concert:

Like the shirt?

Like the shirt?

Yup, that is a Shirt.Woot shirt! I picked it because it has guns, playing cards and a keyboard which makes it the most country shirt I own.

The view straight ahead of my seat:



The view straight up from my seat:

Yup, Im that close.

Yup, I'm that close.

Here is a shot of what I like to call “monitor world,” it is where the monitor engineer mixes the band’s monitors:

Yes, Im a tech geek

Yes, I'm a tech geek

For even geekier photos, check out all my photos on photobucket (link at end of blog), which include a shot of the line array speaker system used.

Finally the band came out.

Scotty Wray, guitar/slide guitar player

Scotty Wray, guitar/slide guitar player

Some of you country fans may know Collin Raye, Scotty is Collin’s brother. Collin was born Collin Wray and uses Raye as his stage name.

Lead guitar player (dont know his name)

Lead guitar player (don't know his name)

Bass player rocking an AWESOME three string bass (don’t think I’ve ever seen a three stringer before) and mohawk:

Bass player (nope, no name)

Bass player (nope, no name)

Multi-tasking keyboard player:

His name is Chris!

His name is Chris!

Due to the angle of being in the front row, I was unable to get a good shot of the drummer, though he is in the background of a bunch of photos I’m sure.

Last but not least, the star of the show:

Walking out...

Walking out...

Head banging?

Head banging?

Actually, that shot of Miranda looks a LOT like the iPod silhouette

ads doesn’t it?

Like most concerts, sitting in the front has perks, one of the main perks is the swag that gets thrown off the stage! I got Miranda’s sweat towel and one of Scotty Wray’s pics!

The armband was required for the VIPs

The armband was required for the "VIPs"

We also got photographed by one of Busch Garden’s official photographers and mom bought us a couple pictures. This is the one for me to proudly display in my house:

It was an EXCELLENT day and a very VERY good concert. I will probably download (legally) an album or two of Mirandas. Add to my huge collection of music. If you want to check out my other photos from the day, check out this slideshow!

Finally, I leave you with this short (16 second) video of Miranda rocking out with Scotty Wray playing a guitar solo that I took with my camera. Note: The audio is REALLY bad (because we were so close to the stage and the Bass amp is overloading my camera’s crappy microphone).


3 Responses to “Bud & BBQ With Miranda Lambert”

  1. sunshinekmp February 24, 2009 at 3:35 pm #

    Cool. Glad you had fun. 🙂

  2. operationkidsorg April 9, 2009 at 3:11 pm #

    Hey Joe!

    If you like Collin Raye you should check out “She’s With Me” by Collin. He wrote it for his granddaughter who has a neurological condition that no one’s been able to diagnose.

    Collin Raye and Operation Kids partner to help families facing extraordinary medical expenses. For $5 you help a child and receive Collin’s new song, “She’s With Me”, as a gift.



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