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ingenuiTEA by Adiago Teas

19 Feb

My mom thinks that this is weird, but I do NOT like coffee. I do enjoy something like a caramel macchiato or other  super modified coffee drink. Load it up with lots of sugar and other flavoring to make it NOT taste like coffee and I will drink it. What I didn’t know until recently, I enjoy tea.

At the Florida Mall there is a store called Teavana that sells loose leaf tea and lots of expensive accessories. They also let you taste a few different varieties in their store, every day there seems to be a few different ones. The sales people will also talk your ear off about how great the tea is for you and the different teapots and cups you should have.

Well, I don’t have a lot of money to sink into this, so I was looking for a simple solution. I noticed they had what they call the Perfect Tea Maker but in the store it was like $25! (I did see online that it is only $17.95) When I was doing some research online (of course) I ran across Adagio Teas which had better reviews and had what they call the ingenuiTEA, the ingenious teapot. They sell them in a starter set with four samples of tea for only $19!

What I got!

What I got!

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