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IKEA is probably evil…

15 Feb

I know all the ladies LOVE IKEA and I love Scandinavians so I should love IKEA. I don’t.

I think IKEA has some REALLY cool stuff, and they have A LOT of stuff so it is nice to have it in one place, but that becomes my problem.

There is so much stuff that they have set up the store with a single path taking you through the entire store. I don’t like that. I know my stores. I know where to park, which door to go into, which aisle to cut down to avoid all the crap I DON’T WANT! And really, what store needs to give you a guide map? Really?

At the grocery store you will never find me walking down the feminine product aisle. Ok, so as long as I continue to have no luck with relationships I won’t be (they put the condoms in that aisle).

Having to walk herded through the store like sheep walking by EVERY piece of furniture, is annoying. I don’t have kids, and it doesn’t appear that anyone will ever want to have kids with me, so why do I have to walk through the kids area?

All that said, I will probably go back next time I need a piece of furniture, and I’m told I HAVE to try the meatballs (couldn’t this time due to crap).