Chia Herb Garden Update!

13 Feb

On the 29th of January I told you about how I had planted my Chia Herb Garden. I actually planted it a few days before the blog post so it has been about 2 weeks and I thought that I should show you how well the herbs are growing! Check past the break for an update WITH pictures!

These pictures are on day 2 of their move to the back patio. I noticed that they were starting to badly lean (which you will probably see in the pictures) to get to the light and I really don’t have a good place inside to keep them. So out back they go!

The cilantro and dill have REALLY taken off and look like a crazy mess of weeds right now. The basil is starting to have little leaves that remind me of basil and the chives are slowly but surely getting there.

Hopefully they will enjoy their new home and become some yummy herbs for me to cook with soon!


One Response to “Chia Herb Garden Update!”

  1. Kori February 13, 2009 at 10:00 pm #

    there cute. I’m just getting ready to plant my new sprouts in my garden. Hope the weather stays warm.

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