T-Rex Cafe Review

6 Feb

So after Dinosaur World we went to Downtown Disney to have dinner at the brand new T-Rex Cafe. We had reservations, thanks to my awesome OCVB friend Tina, so we were able to pretty much walk right in. Now don’t expect a TON of pictures, though I really would have loved to have taken them, but I find it rude to use the flash in an enclosed place. Plus, taking pictures of people while they are pigging out isn’t the nicest thing.

The sign

The sign

If you have ever been to Rainforest Cafe, then you will probably think that T-Rex Cafe looks awfully familiar. Landry’s didn’t stray too far from the concept on this one, and that is ok, it is a good concept. There is a gift shop in the front of this store. Big difference here is the fact that this gift shop has Build-A-Dino (a cute variation of Build-A-Bear). There is a large bar with a BEAUTIFUL fish tank. There are a few different “themed” dining areas. Yes, there are large animatronic Dinosaurs all over the restaurant that go into a “show mode” once every half hour or so that goes along with some sound effects and lighting changes throughout the restaurant.

His head is RIGHT over the host stand.

His head is RIGHT over the host stand.

The restaurant looks really REALLY good.

These are some of the lighting fixtures over the bar area.

These are some of the lighting fixtures over the bar area.

So the real question is, how is the food? You may go to a restaurant like this once just to “experience” it. You would only go back if the food was really good. I’m pretty sure we’ll be going back. We started off with Dexter’s Dual Dip. The shrimp and artichoke dip was phenomenal. Really good, nice big chunks of shrimp. The chips were warm and crispy (like they should be!). You may think that this is easy, but I cannot count the number of times I’ve been to a restaurant with limp or stale chips. I used to serve THOUSANDS of bowls of chips at a Mexican place, so I know some tortilla chips!

To drink I had a Caveman Punch:

Dads Catagory 5 in the background.

Dad's Category 5 in the background.

I love a fruity drink every once in a while. The best part about these two drinks? They came with the glasses, so I now own two of these beauties!

For dinner I had the Mesozoic Mahi Mahi and it was pretty good. The best piece of fish I’ve ever had? No. The fish was missing something, I think maybe there should have been a sauce. But, it was good and the Raptor Rice and vegetables were done perfectly. My mom’s fillet was tender and succulent. Cooked to perfection! Brad had the Primitive Pork Chop and I thought at one point he was gonna eat the bone. He cleaned his plate even though it was one huge chunk of meat! Dad had the Mes-O-Bones that he raved about.

Little Evelyn (you remember her) had the children’s portion of rotisserie chicken. I swear they served her a 1/4 of a chicken. These chickens come from a the “Kitchen on Fire” area that you can see from the restaurant, complete with flames surrounding the window. For dessert we had the mini donuts and OH MY GOD were they good.

They are served with warm caramel and chocolate and it was WAY bad for my diet, but you can’t eat just one. I dare ya! Also, our waiter brought out a cute little thing of ice cream with a cookie for my mom.

One cute candle

One cute candle

This brings me to the service. I cannot for the life of me remember our waiters name (might have been the punch) but he was awesome. We were a group of 6 and it was a busy night. We had a small one running around non-stop (from over stimulation probably) and he never broke stride. He even picked her up and helped her into her high chair at one point. He brought her NOT ONE but TWO ice creams to keep her entertained (and in her chair) while we were eating. There weren’t dishes sitting on our table dirty/empty. He went well above the call of duty and that has a HUGE effect on how I rate a restaurant. He was very busy, but he took the extra time to get us what we needed. I really wish I could remember his name so I could recognize him (in my small way).

I definitely recommend everyone get out to T-Rex Cafe and check it out!

I end this post with a couple pics of Mom, Mary and Evelyn riding the carousel!

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  1. sunshinekmp February 6, 2009 at 9:34 am #

    Sounds like you had a good time!

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